How to Activate WWE Network Channel on Roku?

WWE Network on Roku

A Quick Guideline on Streaming WWE Network on Roku

Are you someone who loves watching WWE Network? But is interested in cutting the cord? Then adding WWE Network on Roku is a great option to consider. WWE is one of the most enjoyed PPV sports that many people like to watch. Now, you can watch Smackdown, WrestleMania and much more by installing and activating the channel app. 

The WWE Network channel app can be found on the Roku and you can easily stream content is available on the app. Besides, if you would like to watch live stream, backstage videos and more, you can find it on the app. Though you need to pay for channel subscription, the PPV events can be streamed without paying for any charges. You can also watch your favorite WWE superstars’ achievements, milestones, careers and much more.

In this blog, we are going to cover the steps that you need to follow to add and activate WWE Network app on Roku. However, if you are facing any problem while activating the channel, then get help from the Roku TV Support team.

How to Add WWE Network Channel on Roku?

The first thing that you need to be doing is to search for the channel and then add it to the Roku player. You can find all the channel applications under different categories on the Roku store. All you need to do is visit the Roku Channel Store and then search for WWE Network and add the channel to your Roku.

  • Search for WWE Network on Roku in the channel store.
  • Then select the channel app. Then select the option for adding the channel on the Roku.
  • You can now wait for the channel to be added to the Roku player.

How to Activate WWE Network Channel on Roku?

Once you add the channel to the Roku player, activating the channel is quite easier. However, activating the channel is an important part if you want to stream the content available on the app.

  • Create a WWE Network account as you need to sign in to the account for activating the channel.
  • Then you need to visit Roku activate page for channel activation.
  • Foremost, visit the official website for WWE Network for creating an account. You need to add the details like username, password, and other credentials.
  • Once you create an account, then proceed further with the activation.
  • You need to have an activation code for activating WWE Network on Roku. Go to the list of the channels on the Roku player and open the WWE Network on the Roku player. Now you will see an activation code, note it down carefully.
  • Open a web browser and then go to the Roku activation page. Go to the list of channels and open the WWE Network app. Add the activation code in the browser window.
  • The WWE Network channel app will be activated to the Roku. However, if you do not have a channel subscription, then you need to get one. You can get the channel subscription through the Roku account by adding the PIN. But if you do not have a Roku PIN, then get in touch with the Roku technical Roku TV Support for help.

In this blog, we have covered the basic steps that you need to follow to install and activate the WWE Network on Roku. However, sometimes you may come across activation errors because of several reasons. Some of the most common reasons being an issue with the internet connection. You can try troubleshooting the internet connection to resolve the problem.

However, if that does not work, you must get help from the Roku TV Support team. They will guide and assist you in navigating through the problem. 


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