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Amazon Fire Stick Network Error 5505 & 1055 Your amazon fire stick can cause network error 5505/1055 and if you are one the victim of this error then We, Fire tv support will tell you how you can use our complete troubleshooting guide for getting easily rid of this error.

Amazon Fire Stick Network Error 5505 –FIX

The most trending topic among the fire stick users is the amazon fire stick network error 5505/1055. This is a very rare issue someone ever wants to come across to, but it’s also a common issue and people are hardly having any information regarding this error.

Causes behind Amazon Fire Stick Network Error 5505:

We are going to provide you the exact solutions for your help in this blog. Also, we will tell you how this error originates. One must go through the root of the issue before troubleshooting it. let’s figure out why you faced amazon fire stick network error 5505/1055.

Reasons Why Amazon Fire Stick Network Error 5505/1055 Occurs:

• There may be n number of reasons for the occurrence of error 5505/1055 but the main reason is the amazon country faulty settings in your account. Country settings in amazon refer to adjust the settings according to your country where you presently reside. This lets you stream videos by fire tv stick according to your country settings.

• When you use a refurbished or used amazon fire tv stick, this can cause error 5505/1055. If you use the refurbished device, previously saved network settings can cause fire stick error 5505/1055. This is the second reason for the occurrence of this error.

How to Solve Error 5505 amazon fire stick

• The third reason behind the occurrence of this error is a fault in the default settings of the kindle store. These are the main causes behind the Now you know the scenarios which can occur this error, let us guide you on how you can troubleshoot this error.

Troubleshooting Amazon Fire Stick Network Error 5505/1055:

Before troubleshooting this error, you must know the root cause of this error. Follow the above-mentioned causes before the start of the troubleshooting section. If you have gone through all these cases, these are the fixes of various causes related to networking error or firestick.

Rectifying the Amazon Country Settings:

Make sure your amazon country setting is right. Go through these steps to do this:
1. Navigate to the Amazon website & go to your content and devices. Use your Amazon credentials to sign in.
2. Go to the “Settings” tab.
3. Click on “Country Settings Section”. Here you will see your current country name assigned to your Fire TV’s settings.

Amazon error code 5505 fix

4. You will see an option as “Change” next to the country’s name, tap on it.
5. Enter your current address details, choose your country from the list & click on “Update”.
6. After this, you will get a notification on your screen, click on the “learn more”. Here you can update your default Kindle Store.
7. Finally, you will need to De-register and Re-register the Fire TV from and to your Amazon account.

De-Register Fire TV Stick:

For de-registering your fire tv stick, follow these steps:
1. Go to settings in the fire tv menu
2. Under the “settings” navigate to “My Account”.
3. Here you will find the list of all the devices that are registered to your account. Just tap on your Fire TV stick and you will see the “de-register” option. Hit the “De-register” and “Confirm”.

Re-Register Fire TV Stick:

For registering your fire tv stick, follow these steps:
1. Once you de-register the Fire TV stick from your Amazon account, you will be prompted to re-register your device using your Amazon credentials.
2. If things don’t work out, go to settings under fire tv menu
3. Under the settings menu, when you navigate my account, you will see register option on your screen
4. Follow onscreen instructions to successfully re-register your fire stick under amazon account.

I hope the above troubleshooting steps help get rid of this error. However, if you are not able to solve the error, we will help you out in this, we are Fire TV Support , a team of technical support executives who are well versed in any kind of technical support.