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Get Apple TV Support for airplay videos which can help you stream or share the content from your Apple devices to your Apple TV or airplay 2 compatible Smart TV. Stream a video or share your photos, or you can also mirror exactly what’s on your device screen.

It’s important that your devices should meet the requirements for using the Airplay. If you want to use your apples, Siri, to play and control video from your iOS device, you should add your apple tv or airplay 2 (which is compatible smart tv) to the home app.

How you can Play Airplay Video from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

• Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or Airplay 2-compatible smart TV.

• Search for the video that you want to airplay.

• Tap. If you use the tap option in some third-party apps, you see a different type of icon. In the Photos app, tap, then tap.

• Select the airplay 2 or apple tv compatible smart tv.

If video automatically streams to an Airplay device

• Your iOS device may automatically airplay video to airplay 2 or apple tv compatible Smart TV. You will see airplay device already selected if you open the video app. It will be in the upper left corner.

• To use Airplay with a different device, tap, then tap another device, or tap “iPhone” to stop streaming with Airplay.

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