How to Resolve Echo Dot Not Working Issue?

The Amazon Echo Dot speaker is one of the most popular speakers out there. The Echo Dot is a voice-controlled device that connects with Alexa that listens to your commands and answers all of your queries. Just like any other Echo device the Echo Dot device controls the smart home devices, plays music, gives you weather updates, and much more.

The Echo Dot device is designed to control smart devices that are connected to the same network. Additionally, it also helps in controlling the apps like Spotify, Prime Music, iHeartRadio, and others. Though the Amazon Echo Dot device is everything that you ever dreamed of, often the users come across a couple of issues while using the device. Echo Dot not working is a common problem that many users go through while using the speakers. If you are one of them, do not lose hope, as this problem can be easily resolved. 

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In this blog, we are going to cover the solutions that you can try to fix the issues with Echo Dot. However, if you are unable to troubleshoot the issue, get in touch with the Echo Dot Support team for help.

Troubleshoot Echo Dot is not Working Issue

If you are facing a hard time with Echo Dot then you must know that this issue can occur because of several reasons. However, it can be fixed easily by following some of the basic troubleshooting solutions. Let us discuss these issues in detail first and then resolve them quickly.

Restart the Echo Dot Device

Sometimes you may experience issues with the Echo Dot device which may result in Echo Dot responding. This means that there is something that is hampering the device from responding to your command. First of all, you need to make sure that the Echo Dot is receiving your voice command or not. To check this, you need to check if the ring is blue or not. The blue ring simply means that the Echo Dot is working properly. 

If the Echo Dot not working is the issue then take out the plug of the device and also take out the other wire from the bottom of the Echo Dot device. Then wait for a while for the device to reboot. Then plugin the Echo Device again. Then Echo Dot device reboots, to check if the issue is resolved or not.

See the Microphone Button on the Echo Dot

If you are experiencing Echo Dot is not Working issue then you need to make sure if the microphone button is switched on or not. You can find this button on the top of the Echo Dot. Press the button and give a command to the Echo Dot. If this does not work then press the button again. However, if the problem is still unresolved get in touch with the Echo Dot Support team for assistance.

Call Toll-Free Numbers For Support

US: +1-855-554-1912

UK: +44-20-3375-8816

AUS: +61-2-4072-0594

Check the Privacy Settings

If you have just finished the setup for Echo Dot but are facing Amazon Echo Dot not working problem then this means that you can try enabling the Alexa settings.

  • Press the Alexa button then you can find below the nucleus screen.
  • This button will enable Alexa. Then press this button again for enabling Alexa to listen to your commands.
  • Now, check if the speakers are working properly or not.

Hard Reset the Echo Dot

If you have tried the solutions mentioned above but are experiencing Echo Dot not working problem then you need to hard reset the Echo device. But you must know that hard reset should always be the last option when nothing else seems to work.

  • Locate for the reset button below the Echo device and then press it using a paper clip.
  • When you will press this button, you will notice that the blue ring light will change to orange.
  • Wait, until the device turns off and then turns on again.
  • Now, the Echo Dot device will be set to by default settings. You will have to change the settings and preferences using the Alexa app.

These are the steps that you can follow when Echo Dot not working is the issue. Usually, these troubleshooting solutions can help in fixing the most common errors. However, if nothing seems to work then get in touch with the Echo Dot Support team for help and assistance.