Ecobee not connecting to WiFi | Ecobee Won’t Connect – Fix 2020

Here is What you Need to Do if Ecobee Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Ecobee offers a great solution for those who are looking forward to enhancing the features of the smart home. The Ecobee thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home which means you can regulate the temperature of any room just by using the remote system.

The smart Ecobee thermostat works to control the temperature of every room using the wi-fi network connection. If you are using Ecobee 3 then you can also use remote sensors to control the motion and temperature in every room making everything very easy and convenient for the users.

While the Ecobee incorporates the power of Amazon Dot that also comes with voice control assistance to help control every room.

To use the Ecobee you first need to create an account for Ecobee. Only then you will be able to connect the Ecobee with the SmartThings. However, many times you may come across issues like Ecobee not connecting to wi-fi.

This problem usually occurs because of issues in the network. However, if the problem persists then you need to get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

Quick Solutions to Resolve Ecobee Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Problem

Though Ecobee will still work without a wi-fi connection as a traditional thermostat and maintain the set points. However, to use the voice control assistance, mobile app, and various other features of the Ecobee thermostat it must be connected to a stable wi-fi connection.

 If you have connected the Ecobee with the wi-fi network and are still experiencing issues like Ecobee not connecting to wi-fi then here are a few things that you need to check and improve the wi-fi connections.

  • If the distance between the wi-fi router, the Ecobee thermostat, and other devices is very much then it is most likely come across wi-fi connection related issues.
  • Many times, the wi-fi signals get disturbed and refracted because of physical objects and obstructions like walls, furniture, and other devices. So, if you are seeing clear obstacles then try clearing it to improve the signal strength of the wi-fi.
  • In some cases, the wireless connection can get interfered with because of other wireless objects like Bluetooth devices, networks, and others so you may experience Ecobee not connecting to the wi-fi problem. To resolve this problem try changing the username and the channel of the wi-fi network.
  • Check the firmware software of the router. Make sure it is updated to the latest version and check if the signal strength is improved.
  • If you are experiencing wi-fi related issues after a power outage then you may try power cycling the router. Simple take out the plug of the router and wait for 20 seconds. Now, plug in the router.

Check if the above-mentioned solutions can resolve the wi-fi related issues with the Ecobee. If the problem is still not resolved then you may have to reset the router.

What Else can you do? | Ecobee is Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If the wi-fi related problem is not yet resolved and you are running out of a patient because you are not a tech-savvy person. Then we recommend getting in touch with the Ecobee support team for help.

Reset the Ecobee Thermostat

Well, if nothing seems to work then you may have to reset the Ecobee thermostat. However, resetting the device will completely restore the default settings so we recommend to first seek support from the Ecobee technicians.

If your Ecobee just won’t connect to the wi-fi and is running on the latest software version then here is how to reset it.

  • First of all, open the Settings and then select the reset option and then choose the network option.
  • Then choose the Settings and then reset and restart option.
  • Once the Ecobee starts then choose the wi-fi network. Go to the settings and select the network to connect.

Ecobee is an amazing thermostat that allows you to control and regulate the temperature of every room in your home and do so much more.

However, if you are facing Ecobee not connecting to the wi-fi problem then follow the troubleshooting solutions. However, if the problem is unfixed or there is any doubt then get in touch with the Ecobee support team for help and assistance to resolve the issue immediately.