Fire Stick Not Connecting to WiFi-Amazon Fire Stick is one of the most widely used micro consoles that allow you to stream digital media. It is very easy to use and hence makes it a perfect choice for streaming high definition content. Though Fire Stick offers some of the most amazing features, many users experience problems while using the Fire Stick, primarily because of the internet connection issues. 

Is your Fire Stick not connecting to wifi? Then do not panic as you are not alone in the battle. Many users come across this issue. There are several troubleshooting solutions that you can follow to resolve the problem. 

If your Fire Stick refuses to connect to the wireless network then it is not necessary the problem is in the internet connection. So, let us discuss all this in detail here.

Check the Fire Stick Setup

Before proceeding with the basic troubleshooting solutions, the first thing that you need to do is check the setup of the Fire Stick. Make sure that there is nothing that is blocking or interfering with the Wi-Fi signals. 

Restart the Fire Stick

Once you are sure that there is nothing blocking the Wi-Fi. The next thing that you need to do is restart the Fire Stick. A quick restart can fix a lot of issues and Fire Stick not connecting to WiFi is one of them. You can follow these steps to restart the Fire Stick.

  • In this method, all you need to do is unplug the device, wait for some time, and then plug it again. Many times, this is enough to resolve most of the issues related to wi-fi connectivity.
  • You can use your Fire Stick remote for e a quick restart. Press and hold the Play/Pause button at the same time. Wait for a while and check if this resolved the issue.

Check the Internet Connection and the Wi-Fi Connectivity

If restarting the devices does not solve the problem then there are high chances of having a problem in the wi-fi connectivity. So, you need to check the network status of the internet connection for fixing Fire Stick not connecting to wifi

  • Go to Settings > Network > Press Play/Pause button.

Now, you would know whether the problem is on the internet. Then you will have to restart the modem or the router to fix this issue.

Restart the Modem or the Router

If the Fire Stick not connecting to WiFi is the problem then restarting the modem or the router can be helpful in fixing this problem.

  • Turn off the router/modem by pressing the power button. Wait for some time and then turn it on again.
  • If the router is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi then you must get in touch with the technicians for help as they can guide you the steps to follow to troubleshoot the issue.

Forget the Network and Re-establish a Connection

If your Fire Stick Not connecting to wifi then you can try forgetting the network and then re-establishing the connection. It will help in establishing a new wi-fi connection.

  • Navigate using the Fire Stick remote top the settings option and then choose a network.
  • Here you can choose your network. If you are unable to find the network then you can get in touch with the experts for help.
  • Now select forget the network option.
  • At last, reconnect to the network again. 

Password Issues

If Fire stick not connecting to wifi is the problem that you are facing. And, the troubleshooting solutions mentioned above just did not work then there are high chances that you are using the wrong password. You also need to check that if you are entering the wrong password then you will be prompted with a password error. 

Compatibility Problems

To use Fire TV, it needs to fulfill certain criteria of router/modem specifications. So, to avoid problems like Fire stick not connecting to WiFi you must check the compatibility of Wi-Fi with the Fire Stick. If you know more about the compatibility of the Fire Stick with the wireless network get in touch with the support team for information.

These are some of the most common steps that can help you fix Fire Stick not connecting to WiFi. However, if you are stuck in between the steps or these solutions are not able to fix the error then feel free to seek help from the tech experts. The technical support team guides you in detail so that the problem can be resolved immediately.