Fire Stick Remote Replacement

Fire Stick Remote Replacement

Solved – fire stick remote replacement There is no doubt in the fact that your fire stick is a powerful way to watch tv using the internet connection and it helps in cutting the cord. It’s a tremendously made, feature-rich and environment-friendly device that meets all your video needs.

But what to do when you lost your firestick remote control? You will need to do a fire stick remote replacement process. We will tell you about how you can replace your remote and still use the great amazon fire stick.

There could be any chances of you replacing your remote. Maybe it’s not working, maybe batteries ran out, maybe you lost it or you crushed it under your feet and its broken now. Let’s get into deep details further.

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Here are the ways by which you can do the fire stick remote replacement in an easy way:

Buy a New Remote

This is the simplest way to replace a fire stick remote. With a new remote, you can quickly skip the scenes of a show with standard navigation & playback controls. You can easily control the fire TV stick from Bluetooth.

How to Pair Your Fire TV Stick Remote. Turn on your Fire TV stick. Make clear the included batteries are inside the new remote. Press and keep the home button on the new remote for ten seconds. Whenever the remote is connected, your fire TV stick will offer you a notice.

Don’t bother about opening a pairing menu because your fire TV stick can combine with a new remote from home screen. Just combine the remote; it’ll join and Bam! You’re fit to view your favorite shows and movies.

Use Fire TV Remote App

One straightforward explanation for making a fire stick remote replacement is by running a fire TV remote app. This app is free and accessible on Android and iPhone platforms and acts just like your old fire TV remote. The Apple App Store, Google Play, or any place that maintains your phone’s applications all carry the remote app. To discover a fire TV remote app, only seek for the following keywords:
1. iPhone Remote App
2. Android/Google Pixel Remote App
3. Amazon Fire Remote App

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·       Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

You can run your amazon fire TV game controller in the replacement of your fire stick remote too. It’s the official game controller from amazon. It has its design suggestions from the controllers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The controller includes an instant voice search and a headphone jack for independent listening. 

And, thanks to its increased number of buttons, it lets you play the best Amazon Fire TV games. Naturally, you can even practice it to operate your Fire TV Stick regularly. 

Cetus Play

Cetus Play is an opportunity to the Amazon Fire TV remote app. It operates with the entire Fire TV product range. Features have a D-pad, touchpad, keyboard, and mouse. You can also perform the app to shape your local files to your screen and view live channels using M3U playlists. Interestingly, the app is cross-compatible with Android TV boxes;If you have a fusion of Fire TV and Android TV devices in your home, it’s an excellent variety. It’s accessible on Android & iOS.

iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Fire TV

As we’ve observed, one significant issue with the common remote is that it does not have any keyboard in it. Many apps have a sign-in process, but more generally, there’s again an option of web browsers to use on your Fire TV Stick that lets you surf the internet. 

The scarcity of a keyboard makes the browsers almost unimaginable to operate freely. One solution for firestick remote replacement is with an ipazzport mini Bluetooth keyboard for fire TV. The backlit device is about the same size as the regular remote. It even has basic navigation controls to let you move around the screen and select content.

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Basic Edition Remote for Fire TV Stick

If you live outside the US, there’s a wonderful chance you own a foreign version of the Fire Stick. It requires some functionality of the American model. The Basic Edition Remote for Fire TV Stick is the remote you get when you have a fresh fire stick. It does not support Alexa and does not have volume controls.

Sofa Baton F2 Universal Remote Attachment

The Sofa Baton F2 Universal All in One Remote Attachment is a device that merge into your existing Amazon Fire TV remote to offer more functionality. Unlike the Side click model, which links to the side of your remote, the Sofa Baton extension slots onto the top of your handset.
It includes 11 new buttons with proper volume & power. There are also programmable buttons which you can use to control your DVD player, satellite box, or sound bar.

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Use a CEC-Compliant Remote for Fire Stick Remote Replacement

If your tv set or your remote was carried out after 2002, it may develop under the CEC-compliant. The cec compliant remotes are made to balance with any hardware from any manufacturer (especially the ones who complies with cec standard). Controls on these remote may be basic but they are satisfying because you can control the device. 

For this, you may need to enable the cec setting on your tv. You may notice this choice under tv’s settings menu. Unfortunately, most TV manufacturers don’t call it CEC, instead “branding” it with their own made-up and meaningless label. Here is a list of some of the most common TV brands and the name they’ve given the CEC feature:

· AOC: E-link, Hitachi: HDMI-CEC, LG: Simp Link or SIMPLINK

· Mitsubishi: Net Command for HDMI, Onkyo: RIHD, Panasonic: HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync, or VIERA Link

· Philips: Easylink, Pioneer: Kuro Link, Runco International: Runco Link

· Samsung: Anynet+, Sharp: Aquos Link, Sony: BRAVIA Sync, Toshiba: CE-Link or Regza Link, Vizio: CEC

Enable CEC on the TV, join your Fire TV Stick normally, & you will be able to set up your Fire TV Stick & control it with the TV remote. in these remotes, you may not have the access to voice control features of device but you can operate voice control from tv remote navigational controls.

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Use Echo or Echo Dot

If you use an Echo as well as an Amazon Fire Stick and they are on the same network, you my use the Alexa for managing your fire tv. This feature let the users integrate different amazon devices together and it makes an ecosystem. As long as your Echo and Firestick have been paired, you’re golden.

We hope you liked the solutions to “what to do when you don’t have a fire stick remote?”. You can follow the above rules but in case you have any doubts related to that, don’t forget to visit for Fire TV Support and resolve the fire stick remote replacement issue.

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