Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services

Troubleshoot Amazon Fire TV Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services Do you use the amazon fire stick and faced any issues regarding it not working with its own services amazon? The stick sees the network, has a strong signal but will not accept the key says cannot find the Amazon network? This post is for you.

Amazon Fire Stick Can’t Connect Fire TV to Wi-Fi

Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services I called someone from Fire TV Support and He suggested adjusting the security settings on the router.

If there is “AES” chosen in the settings mode, your fire stick will not connect. Open your browser and go to option to access the router. The login is: admin Password is: password.

Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services | Go to Connections>Wi-Fi> Edit Security

You will see the list of security setting type. You just have to change it from AES to the TKIP encryption type. That should solve the problem.

Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services This will change your network settings so change the security settings on your other wireless devices for new encryption.

Amazon New Fire Stick – “We are currently unable to connect to our servers

This would solve the issue in no time and I hope you have a great time reading the post.

Now your fire stick is able to connect with the Amazon services in an easy way. However, don’t forget to read our other posts if you are looking for other issues.

Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services

Did you bought a Fire TV stick and could not connect it with Amazon services? e.g. on the Home screen is says “Home is Currently Unavailable. It shows message amazon firestick unable to connect to Amazon services.

You find the Network connectivity as good, checked the network status on the device and it works fine, apps are also running smooth (e.g. BBC News), When it comes to the Amazon, nothing is working including the Alexa and search.

Restart Your Amazon Fire TV Device and Network Connections

If you have not restarted the device, let’s start there: Disconnect the power cord from the back of the device or the power outlet, then plug it back in.

You can use your remote to restart your device. Press & hold the select & play/pause button at the same time for five seconds. Or Chose the settings>Device>Restart from the fire tv menu.

Solved: amazon fire stick wont connect to amazon

Also, if you are having trouble watching movies and TV shows from Prime Video, try clearing application data for the Prime Video app.

Check Your Network Information & Settings

1. Select Settings from the Fire TV menu.
2. Select Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Prime Video.
3. Chose the force stop option and then select clear data.
4. When prompted to Delete App Data, select Clear Data again.

Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services – Try this step if you are seeing an on-screen error message, including “Error code 13.”

Another Way by Which you Can Resolve this Error

Try the following fixes……..

Deregister the account that is linked to the firestick and then signs back in. this will help you to get rid of Amazon

Amazon fire TV stick unable to connect to Amazon services issue

If you are not sure how to Deregister your account, follow the steps below

• Go to “Settings”
• Select “My Account”
• Select “Amazon Account”
• Deregister
• Select “Deregister” again
• “Deregistering your Fire TV Stick” you will see this message.
• Choose “I already have an Amazon account” after that.
• Sign back in
• Select “Continue”
• Save Wi-fi Passwords to Amazon “Yes”

Easy Way Resolve the Issue if Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Service

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Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi – Amazon Fire Stick

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Amazon Firestick Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

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