Fire Stick Won’t Turn On

fire stick won't turn on

Solved my fire stick won’t turn on 2019 There may be many reasons why your fire stick won’t turn on when you need to play it. It will show you hard terms because it may not be the firestick issue only but still of your tv as easily. You desire to have a reasonable fix for it. Learn the complete directory if you wish to act your fire stick on and resolve issues like the blank screen, frozen screen. 

The Main Reasons Why Your Fire Stick Won’t Turn On

The minute you realize My fire stick won’t turn on even after converting it on, don’t run for the troubleshooting straight forward but instead search for the figures out and investigate all your devices like wires, tv, WiFi and my firestick.

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Let us say you the main faults that let your fire stick not run. Start analyzing your trouble from these below reasons and correct them again by studying this directory.

High-Speed Cable Issue

My fire stick won’t turn on. If is not functioning, cables are the ones that should be criticized. Amazon fire TV needs long-speed cables like 1.3, 1.4, which are  suitable for a rapid feedback. 

Overheated Device

Your device may overheat due to the great practice of your fire TV device. Overheat can again arise owing to the fire stick software updating process taking a long time. This is another reason for your fire stick giving no response. Therefore, keep it the untouched- if you wish to get back from an unusual ‘fire TV device turns off’ issue – My fire stick won’t turn on.

HDMI Cable Issue

One primary reason for fire stick getting no power is because of the hardware fault in HDMI ports. So, have a routine checkup on them.

Faulty Amazon Fire TV Stick Device – My fire stick won’t turn on

One of the great reasons for the Amazon fire stick not functioning up has defected hardware of the Fire TV stick. Make certain you look at the device even its least risk. 

Loose Connection

Sometimes, the Fire TV stick may not be connected perfectly with the power outlet. And, this can appear due to any XYZ reason, one of which is a loose connection between cables – My fire stick won’t turn on.

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Immediate Solutions you Can use for Getting Rid of My Fire Stick Won’t Turn on the Issue

When your fire stick won’t turn on, it seems to be annoying for you at times and it’s easy to understand its time wastage. Therefore, helping you get rid of the error quickly here are a few steps in this regard that you must follow to resolve the ‘Amazon Firestick not recognized by TV’ problem.

Use Sockets – My fire stick won’t turn on

After doing the restart or reset process, if you have also done the HDMI verification, then use a socket other than the USB port. If you use the HDMI extender with my fire tv stick, then it’s a perfect solution because it helps you prevent the device from overheating and thus causing your fire stick no power to issue. If you use HDMI extender, then use fire TV stick without it because it may occur issues.

Use the Power Adapter

Try using some other power adapter and USB cord to turn on the Fire TV device. However, you need to remember that the Fire TV stick uses the same charger as other Amazon brand devices. That implies, to use different power sources rather than a battery charger as Fire TV devices don’t run on batteries. 

Resolve Issues with the my Fire TV Remote – My fire stick won’t turn on

If you’ve been trying to turn on your Firestick with remote but you see Amazon fire Stick No power error then, check if the problem is with your Fire TV remote!

Buy a Splitter

If the TV is old enough that it can’t comply with the HDCP, then also Firestick doesn’t communicate with the TV. In case you want to run your fire stick on old tv, then buy a splitter for connecting with firestick as it works for this device.


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Use a different HDMI port

The HDMI port that you’re using to connect your Fire TV device may sometimes be the main culprit. Change the HDMI port on your TV in this case.

Disconnect HDMI Hub – My fire stick won’t turn on

If you found that your fire stick won’t turn on, then disconnect the HDMI hub. Instead, you can try plugging it directly onto your tablet or TV. Switch a different HDMI port on your TV but remember which HDMI port you have used for connecting fire TV and switch to the right input channel on your TV.

Troubleshooting Steps When your Fire Stick Won’t Turn On

Most probably, your HDMI ports or HDMI cables are damaged if you are encountering the error- Amazon Fire Stick no signal, Firestick not working or Amazon fire stick black screen. Without ignoring the different other facts, lets see the simple troubleshooting of fire tv stick not working issue.

  • At first, check that your amazon fire tv is plugged in or not. In case, you haven’t unplugged it, try to instruct the device using the voice control feature. For example, watch it, turn it on etc. If you continue to see your fire stick showing black screen then try standing a little close to the fire tv stick device
  • Next step is to check the batteries that you inserted in the remote. If you have not inserted them rightly, your brand-new fire tv stick won’t turn on. Also, make sure no one covers the remote-control sensors as a joke.
  • You will see no power in amazon fire tv stick if the fire tv has entered the sleep mode. To bring your device back in the active mode, press remote buttons & give commands for ensuring its not the real issue.

If you still are not satisfied with the above blog then the simplest thing you can do to remove your fire stick won’t turn on issue is by giving us a call at the toll free phone number provided at our website Fire TV Support and we are happy to help you out in any kind of difficulty.

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