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Fire TV Not Connecting to Wi Fi Annoying issues occur when your fire tv is not connected to the Wi-Fi network. You can miss a lot of your entertaining shows and it’s frustrating at times. Read out the solutions for the common issue relating to connecting your fire tv to Wi-Fi.

Your error with Wi-Fi can occur due to the trouble with your Wi-Fi password. maybe your Wi-Fi is not the same as the Amazon account password, that’s the reason its showing error. Another reason could be because of the case sensitiveness of your passwords.

Fire TV Not Connecting to Wi Fi Make sure you enter the numbers and special characters to your passwords; this will help you and don’t forget the password. Your router, modem, and network should have the following requirements

Fire TV Not Connecting to Wi Fi | Network Specifications

• Open, WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK encrypted networks
• Hidden networks

Router/Modem Specifications

• 2.4 GHz should have B, G and N routers
• 5 GHz should have A, N and AC routers

You can join your network by using the WPS button or pin on your router or modem. Go to settings> network from fire tv> Join WPS button

If you use a static IP address

Visit settings>network>select. Chose your IP address on the page shown.

If you still face any issues, contact your ISP or AlphaTech 24/7 team.

When your Fire TV not connecting to Wi Fi then it a little disappointing news for you because you can miss your favorite news, movies, and shows. You can follow the below points to get some Wi-Fi game connected again.

Fire TV Not Connecting to Wi Fi | Check Network Information

Whenever You See a Wi-Fi Error Keep in Mind-
• Wi-Fi password should not be the same as Amazon account password
• Passwords should be case sensitive
• The issue could be with password entry. Make sure you put the number and special characters in the right way.
• Check your modem, router and network specifications meet the following-

1. Open, WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK encrypted networks
2. Hidden networks
3. Router/Modem Specifications
4. B, G, and N routers on 2.4 GHz
5. N, A and AC routers on 5 GHz

Fire TV is Not Connecting to Wi Fi | Check Network Connection

• The main reason why your fire tv not connecting to Wi Fi is maybe there is an issue with the internet. You will see a network status tool inside your fire tv. It will help you with diagnosing the problems related to your internet connection.

• Use the tool by going to Settings>network>Play/pause button on your remote. The tool will tell you that the device is connected to the selected network and it has an active internet connection. It tells you about the steps to free your connection from any problems.

Check the Device Setup

• Make sure you keep your modem, router, and fire tv device away from physical objects. These can block the Wi-Fi signals

• When it comes to fire tv stick, we recommend you to use the HDMI extender or adapter. It will help you optimize the location of your device and improve the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Restart Fire TV and Network Connections

you should restart the router, modem or device. Unplug the power adapter for about 3 seconds and plug it back.

Restart your device with remote. Just press and hold the select and play/pause buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds. Do it until your fire tv gets starts. Go to settings > Device > Restart from the Fire TV menu.

Fire TV Stick Not Connecting to Wi-Fi- What to Do?

In this situation, all you need to do is visit AlphaTech 247 team by visiting their website or calling. Their experts work round the clock and offer you the most conscientious customer support.

The AlphaTech 247 team is having experience with devices like smartphones, routers, tablets, pcs, laptops, printers, smart TV’s, virtual reality and more.

When you call AlphaTech 24/7, the technical support executives will check your network speed, reliability, and stability of your system. Based on this they will guide you thoroughly. Get a quick reply whenever you want, get the quick solution and best possible way of improving your device.

They are available 24 hours and 7 days and they are a brand in themselves. Americans trust them and they give them a call every day. Their popularity is growing year by year.

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