Fire TV Remote Not Working

Fire TV Remote Not Working

Fire TV is known in the market for its amazing streaming quality and experience. It connects the TV with the device using an HDMI port so that you can streaming content available on channels like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Sling TV and much more. So, the Fire TV help in changing an ordinary TV into a smart TV. Fix Fire TV Remote Not Working

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But Fire TV stands out from the rest of the streaming device available in the market. It gives you access to some of the most amazing content that you can watch on the streaming channels along with amazing features like Alexa voice control and more. Remote being one of the most important accessories of the Fire TV can act very strange many times. It is quite common to experience Fire TV remote not working issue. But do not panic as this is a temporary issue and can be fixed by following a few solutions.

If you are facing an issue with the Fire TV remote then do not worry as it can be fixed quickly by following basic troubleshooting solutions. 

But if you need an immediate response then you can also get in touch with the technical support team for the Fire TV to resolve the issue in no time.

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Many reasons may result in Fire TV not working properly issue. However, you need to understand that it is very also important to resolve the problem immediately if you want to the remote to function properly.

One of the most obvious reason why you are experiencing Fire TV remote not working problem can be because of the drained batteries. Since the Fire TV remote work on Bluetooth, it uses more battery and as the battery starts draining the signals start to get weaker. So, if the batteries are the reason why Fire TV remote not working problem is occurring then follow the steps.

  • Take out the batteries of the Fire TV remote.
  • Note the way the batteries were inserted in the remote. Then make sure to insert them properly in the same manner.
  • Reinsert the batteries. If the Fire TV remote is still showing an issue then try using brand new batteries and check if the problem is fixed.
  • If the issue is still not fixed then the battery is not probably the problem but something else.

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When you get the Fire TV then to use the remote you will have to pair it. Also, if the Fire TV remote not working issue arise then you can try to repair the Fire TV remote. Repairing the Fire TV can help in fixing the problem.

  • Plug in the Fire TV and then switch it on.
  • Let the Fire TV reboot and wait for a while.
  • Place the Fire TV remote near the device.
  • Press/hold the Home button on the Fire TV remote for a few seconds.
  • Release the button and wait.
  • Now, check if the issue Fire TV remote not working issue is fixed or not. Sometimes you may have to perform the same steps a couple of times to resolve the issue.

The Fire TV remote uses Bluetooth for controlling the device so you do not have to directly point at the TV while using the Fire TV remote. However, the thing that you need to know is that usually Bluetooth devices have a range 30 feet beyond which they cannot function. Additionally, distance or any kind of obstacles can prevent the Fire TV remote to work properly. So, here is how you can fix this issue.

  • Try moving the Fire TV remote closer to the device.
  • If there are any obstructions or hindrances in between the remote and the Fire TV that may result in an issue, you need to get rid of it.
  • If the Fire TV remote not working issue when you move away but not when the remote is placed closer, then you can use an extension to change the position.
  • If the Fire TV placed in closed space then you can try taking it out and check if that helps in resolving the issue with the remote.

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Though Bluetooth remotes offer a wide array of benefits over the infrared remotes. Some interferences can reduce the Bluetooth signal and as a result Fire TV remote not working problem can occur. Interferences can occur because of other devices like Microwave oven, Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers, wireless phones are few examples that can interfere with the Bluetooth signal and result in issue with the Fire TV remote. Simply, turn of these devices so the Fire TV remote can work properly.

If you are not using a remote that came with the Fire TV but a third party remote or a replacement remote. Then the first thing that you need to do is to check the compatibility of the remote with the Fire TV. 

If you are not able to pair the remote with the Fire TV then it may result in compatibility problem. If this is the issue you can also use the Fire TV remote app. If you do not want to buy a replacement remote then installing the remote app for Fire TV in your android or iOS device is the best option to consider.

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Fire TV Remote Not Working -This guide will tell you an easy way if your fire tv remote is not working. Your tv remote has been disconnected and now it’s gone completely dead. It’s because of dead batteries.

Fire TV Remote Not Working Generally, the fire tv remote consumes the batteries pretty fast so it needs the new batteries frequently. The best solution is by the use of brand-new batteries for this brand remote.

Checking Whether your Remote is Connected to the Fire TV or Not

To see if your fire tv remote is connected to the fire tv box or dongle, all you need to do is – fire tv remote not working

Go to settings>controllers and Bluetooth devices

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Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working This will show you what devices are currently paired and from here you can see if your remote is connecting.

You can use a screwdriver and gently scrape the connectors of remote at each end of remote. You should wipe the residue off with a dry cloth.

Connector will look shiny and new again after this process. You can then place the batteries back in and the remote will connect again straight away.

I’ve had no problems with the remote since and I guess the moral of the story is sometimes you get what you pay for… utter crap leaky batteries this time.

Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working If you are looking for a right solution to your amazon device issues then you can visit the website of AlphaTech 24/7. They are ready to help you in getting your errors removed.

AlphaTech 24/7 is an independent technical support facility that provides 24/7 services for third party products and services. When it comes to providing reliable and responsive technical support, Fire TV Support will help you resolve the problem which occurs in your device on a day to day process.

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Fire TV Remote Not Working You will be assisted by highly professional tech support providers by call, email or chat. They have a large customer base in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom. You will be guided by different products and services.

Their experts work round the clock and offer you the most conscientious customer support. The device support team is having experience with devices like smartphones, routers, tablets, pcs, laptops, printers, smart TV’s, virtual reality and more.

When you call Fire TV Support, the technical support executives of device support will check your network speed, reliability, and stability of your system.

Based on this they will guide you thoroughly. Get a quick reply whenever you want, get the quick solution and best possible way of improving your device.

It’s a brand which is new in the market but promises the outstanding results to its clients. They have established themselves in the industry so fast that they have gained maximum client base in minimum time period.

Don’t forget to visit them for their services, you will be happy to take their services which will improve your devices.

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Fire TV Remote not Working with Alexa Looking for entertainment game on but you still face trouble with your fire stick remote? This guide will help you get back to use the defected Alexa remote.

Fire TV Remote Not Working Remote controls are always common and useful in households. Traditional remote works through infrared and modern remote like amazon fire tv and apple tv remote are a little bit different.

Amazon firestick remote works on low power Bluetooth technology instead of infrared, so it’s a way to fix is also different.

Fire TV Remote Not Working Whether the fire tv remote stopped working or never worked straight from the box, we have many reasons to tell you why your remote does not work. Users have reported about these below issues, which you can understand-

• Fire TV Stick with Alexa Remote not Working Battery Problem- the technology used in the Amazon firestick remote is different from the traditional remote. Generally, the users face issues when the device is running on a low battery.

Regular remotes work for a long time on low battery but the amazon firestick remote goes useless when the battery goes low. This makes the remote go malfunction. You can remove this issue by the following points-

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  1. Remove the back of your Amazon Fire TV remote and pop out the batteries.
  2. Fire Stick with Alexa Remote not Working – Make sure that you reinsert them in the right order (+ and – side).
  3. If the batteries in your Fire TV remote are a few months old, try replacing them.
  4. Try using Alkaline batteries (1.5V) instead of the Rechargeable batteries (1.2V) for better performance.

• Unsuccessful Pairing- Regular remotes have a set frequency of infrared and the receiver, but the remote of firestick is different from the regular. You need to get a successful paired connection with the fire tv stick before

You can use it. Here you can do to make the pairing-

  1. Fire TV Remote Not Working  – Connect the Fire TV Stick to an HDMI port at the back of your HDTV and plug in the Micro USB cable to provide it power.
  2. Fire TV Remote not Working Switch the HDMI Channel over which the Fire TV Stick is connected and wait for the Fire TV to boot up.
  3. Bring the remote closer to the Fire TV and then press and hold the Home button on the remote.
  4. Press and hold down the Home button for around 10 seconds and then release it.
  5. The Fire TV remote should now become responsive and you should be able to use it with your streaming device.

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• Poor Range- Because the fire tv stick remote is Bluetooth based, you don’t need a clear line of sight between the remote and device which is plugged in the back of your HDTV.

Like every other wireless connectivity technology, Bluetooth has a particular range, so after this range, it either works or not.

1. Try moving obstruction between TV & Fire TV Stick remote.

2. Use the extension cable that is provided with the Amazon Fire TV to bring the dongle out from behind the TV, which improves connectivity with the remote.

3. Open the HDTV and see if the remote works to find out if an obstruction is a problem here.

Fire TV Remote Not Working In this case, you must visit the technologists of Fire Tv Support. They will help you resolve all your problems and will guide you thoroughly. You can call them and visit their website.

Fire TV Remote Stopped Working or not Working No doubt the Amazon Fire TV is one of the most popular streaming media players in the world and it allows consumers to watch various content from several online providers like Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Starz, Netflix and more.

Fire TV Remote Stopped Working In spite of having the good points, Amazon fire tv remote can stopped working while using. You are going to read the same in the article and also you will know how to fix the issue.

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If the remote fails then the first thing you should do is think as the battery has drained. It’s true if you are regularly using the remote. Any remote is dependent on battery and it has a battery life so it will drain. The first thing you should do is replace the batteries.

• Fire TV Remote Stopped Working or Fire TV Remote Not Working Try pressing the back of the remote by using your thumbs. Press down until the entire back cover slide down – fire tv remote not working

• Remove the back cover
• Insert two new batteries.
• Reposition the back cover onto the remote. That’s it.

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You can face the fire tv remote stop working problem if the remote is not paired with the fire tv. For pairing it the right way, follow the below points:

• You will see the home button on remote, press and hold it for about 10 seconds. The remote will pair with fire tv in a minute.
• Fire TV Remote Stopped Working You should unplug the power adapter from the fire tv device or wall outlet if it does not pair.
• When the fire tv device is off, reset the fire tv remote by pressing the menu button, back button and the left side of the navigation ring at the same time. Hold these buttons for ten seconds, it won’t reset the fire tv device but remove the fire tv settings from the remote.

• Now remove the batteries from fire tv remote & plug it in the fire tv device. Now, wait for the home screen to appear.
• Put the batteries back in fire tv remote & wait for 1 minute.
• If the remote does not pair, press & hold the home button on remote for ten seconds.

Check Remote Compatibility – fire tv remote not working

If you bought a brand-new model of Amazon fire tv, then you don’t have to perform the above points but if you used a new remote or a third party remote then you should try to check the points.

Use Fire TV Remote App

You must download the fire tv remote app if you want to control your fire tv device. You can download it from the play store or app store and use it in your smartphones and tablets.

Replace the Fire TV Remote – fire tv remote not working

This is the last thing you will have to do in case the above steps fail to fix the problem yet you can use the Fire TV remote app. This means that the current remote you are using is damaged and should be replaced with a new one.

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You can call the technologists of Fire TV Support and get your fire tv remote stop working issue removed completely. We will help you with every issue you provide for us.

We are trustworthy tech executives in the United States working for PC/laptop/tablet, software, applications and peripheral devices like printers to the home users, small, medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and big enterprises.

Fire Stick Remote Won’t Work Entertainment enthusiasts are always in search of fire stick entertainment but what if fire stick remote not work and all your pleasure turns into dullness, here is the complete troubleshooting guide for fixing the issues of fire stick remote.

Fire Stick Remote Won’t Work In early good days entertainment just started wirelessly and the remote control was among the first few gadgets back then. Today their popularity has grown and more and more devices have created remotes for the control.

Fire Stick Remote Won’t Work Traditional remotes work through infrared technology but new age works on Bluetooth technology, these new age remotes are amazon fire tv stick remotes. It’s different to fix these remotes:

Interference Issue – fire tv remote not working

Fire Stick Remote not Work Bluetooth remote technology has a benefit over the traditional remote technology. Bluetooth remotes are prone to interference when it comes to proximity. These are the elements which have interference effectiveness:

• Microwave Radiation
• Wireless Speakers
• Unshielded Coaxial Cables

If any of the above devices are close to proximity to tv or firestick, then you must remove them from the vicinity and try to operate the remote again.

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Amazon fire tv and its remote are strongly built to survive in tough conditions, it still can face issues. If you have used the fire tv stick earlier then there might be any chances of mishandling and breakage – fire tv remote not working

Your only hope to get back with things is just replace the amazon fire tv remote with an original one.

If you use the new remote then you need to pair the new remote with you fire tv stick, you can follow the below steps:

• Join the amazon fire tv stick to HDTV & turn it on
• Bring the remote close to fire tv
• Press and hold the home button of remote
• Hold the home button for about 10 seconds and release it

After this process, the new amazon fire tv remote will be ready for use.

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Amazon fire tv remote is a great device but it does not beat the simplicity of controlling by a wireless remote app-built app on your phone. Amazon fire tv app can be controlled by apple tv with full-fledged controls for navigation through the virtual remote control.

App has touch navigation which makes it easy to go through the menu. You can use features like Alexa voice command, virtual keyboard, playback controls and get quick access to your favorite apps and games that are installed on the device. Just install the free amazon fire tv app on your Android or iOS device and pair it with your amazon fire tv.

Battery Problem

The fire stick cannot run on low battery as the traditional remotes run, due to this, it can cause issues too.

If the remote is not working, then all you need to do is take help from the Fire TV Support experts. They will guide you in every issue related to your device. They work in the United States but work globally. They work for pcs, tablets, printers, virtual reality, software’s and more – fire tv remote not working

Fire Stick Remote Problems If you feel that your fire stick remote is causing you problems and you need any solutions regarding it then you need to follow the below guide solution steps. You can follow these steps for pairing your remote. Get Help Pairing Your Fire TV Remote

You tried the menu settings but still don’t know how to resolve the issue of pairing the remote? Then here are a few tips to connect or reconnect your fire tv remote:

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• Replace the batteries in your remote.
• Bring your remote close to fire tv device and within the 10 feet distance.
• Now unplug your fire tv device from power cord or adapter and plug it back in.
• Reset your Fire TV device. Simultaneously press the Menu button, Back button, and left the side of the navigation circle button together for 10 seconds.
• Unpair a remote before pairing another if you have 7 paired.
• If you paired the 7 controllers then remove one of the seven before attempting to pair any other.

I hope the above steps have resolved your issue with your fire stick remote. All you need to do is use a good quality router, fire tv remote, power adapter, and other controllers. However, if you feel any troublesome with this, just visit the website of Fire TV Support  .

Fire TV Remote Problems are very common in the popular brand amazon fire tv stick. Though this device is highly used. This device comes with all new Alexa voice remote control. You can easily press and ask Alexa to find your favorite movies, tv shows, news and sports.

Fire Stick Remote Problems You can also use the volume buttons, power buttons, and mute buttons to control your tv, receiver and the soundbar.

Fire Stick Remote Problem You can experience tens of thousands of apps, channels, Alexa skills with an option to browse millions of websites like Facebook, YouTube and Reddit by using the silk or Firefox browsers. All you need to do is plug fire tv stick in HDTV & start streaming in minutes.

Generally, the problems occur due to the Remote Issues, Remote is Note Working Properly. If you are finding the problems regarding your fire stick remote than you must follow the following points-

Fire Stick Remote Not Working– Checkout the Following Points for Removing the Problems with your Roku Remote.

• Check Firestick Remote Batteries- There is a huge chance that the fire tv stick remote batteries have some issues. There are chances that the batteries may run out of charge. This causes Fire TV stick remote problems in flawless streaming. Use alkaline batteries for better working.

• The pairing of the Remote- Fire TV Stick Remote comes out of the box as pre-paired with the device. If it’s not paired, you have to pair it automatically, and if the new remote is not working then the chances are it’s not paired correctly.

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• Check Remote Compatibility- This issue is for those who have bought the fire tv stick remote separately. It could be any in-house or third-party remotes that can work with fire tv devices.

Amazon official remote will work easily with your fire stick but if you use the third-party remotes, it’s a little doubt that it would be compatible, so check the remote compatibility.

• Check if Remote is Damaged- If your remote is damaged then all you can do is replace the remote, and they do not cost more than $10.

• Fire TV Remote App- In case your Fire tv stick remote is not working then you can easily download the amazon fire tv remote app. this app will convert your smartphone into remote and let you interact with a firestick. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

• Other Solutions- You can also find different other reasons by which you can have remote issues. Bring the remote closer to the tv to avoid any issue of damage, also it should not be closer to the infrared rays. Try not to use the remote under the electrical devices. These objects will cause your remote to not work.

If still you are facing fire stick remote issue then you should check out the website of Fire TV Support, they are an expert in their domain of technical support. They will resolve all your issues if you call them.

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Fire TV Stick Issues & Errors

Amazon firestick allows the users to entertain themselves by allowing them to watch videos on YouTube, stream Netflix and so much more. Additionally, the introduction of Alexa voice control with the firestick remote made everything more interesting and convenient. The Amazon firestick and remote are very easy to function. The latest Amazon Fire TV comes with an improved firestick remote that enables you to stream videos properly without any tv remote not working

Despite this, many users experience that their firestick remote quit working all of a sudden. As you know, the firestick remote works on a different concept as compared to the traditional remotes. So, you might have no clue about how to fix the issue when firestick remote quit working. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail why this happens and how you can resolve it. However, if the problem persists or you are simply not able to resolve the issue fire tv remote not working

There can be several reasons that can cause the firestick remote to quit working. However, don’t stress as these issues can be easily resolved. One of the most common issues behind a non-functional remote are the batteries, obstruction in the signal coming from the firestick remote, and problem in the electronic device.  fire tv remote not working

Having problems with the firestick remote? Did your firestick remote quit working? These could be the problems or the main culprit behind the issue.

Batteries: The batteries of a firestick remote are one of the most common reasons why your firestick remote quit working. Lower battery charge, improperly inserted batteries and other battery-related issues can be the reason for non-functional firestick remote. fire tv remote not working

Damage: Many times, we do not realize but external damage like water can be why the firestick remote is not working. Moreover, internal faults can also cause the firestick remote to quit working. fire tv remote not working

Pairing: Improper pairing of the remote with the firestick could be why the remote is not working. So, make sure to pair the remote correctly before using it. fire tv remote not working

Interference: Some devices can be paired with the Bluetooth connection. This can be the reason your firestick quit working.

Distance and obstructions: The firestick remote function on Bluetooth and not on IR, so they can work on a range of around 30 feet, but many times the range is even lower. 
Though you do not need to be directly in the line of sight, however, obstacles can lower the way the remote functions. 

Here are some of the ways that can help you in fixing the problem with your firestick remote.

Check for the batteries – fire tv remote not working

 Amazon firestick works on battery and needs battery replacement from time to time. You might come across a low battery issue from time to time. If your firestick remote quit working there are chances that the batteries have drained. If your firestick remote just stops working in the middle, then check by replacing the batteries. You can fix this problem in just a few steps:

  • Remove the used batteries from the firestick remote.
  • Check how the batteries are installed. If the batteries were inserted backward, turn them, and try using the remote again.
  • Replace the old batteries with the new ones. If it is still not working try new batteries.

If the remote is not working then the issues are not with the batteries and you need to check for some other problem.

Most of the time, the firestick remote is paired with the device however, if it is not, then you will have to do it on your own. Moreover, if the firestick remote quit working there are chances that it is not paired properly. So, you will have to pair it again. Here is what you can do.

  • Plugin the firestick remote in the HDMI port.
  • Turn on the power of your TV and firestick.
  • As soon as the firestick boots up, press and hold the home button for at least 20 seconds.
  • Now, your firestick remote will be paired and it will start working properly.

However, if it still does not work then press the home button and hold it for 20-30 seconds. Many times, you might have to redo the same process for proper pairing.

If you are still not able to pair the device then it is always better to seek help from a professional.

Check the compatibility of the device – fire tv remote not working

If you are having a problem with firestick remote that was purchased separately, even after pairing it successfully, then compatibility might be the issue. Firestick does support Amazon third party controllers which can be used to control the device. So, first of all, make sure the remote you are purchasing is compatible with the fire TV. So, it is important to check the authenticity of the firestick remove before buying it.

Firestick remote uses Bluetooth instead of infrared, so that is why you do not have to be in the direct line of sight while using the firestick remote. Therefore, you do not have to directly point at the firestick remote at the device while trying to use it. The Bluetooth signal is what helps in the functioning of the remote.

Usually, firestick remote has a Bluetooth range of at least 30 feet, however, obstacles and hindrances can significantly reduce the range. Here is how you can check for any obstacle that might cause a problem.

  • Try moving your firestick remote closer to the device.
  • If you find any physical obstruction between the remote and device, remove it from there.
  • If you find that the remote is only functioning when you hold the remote closer to the TV or behind it, then try repositioning the device.
  • If your TV or device is placed in an enclosed box then try removing it from there and see if the remote is working.

Most of the time if you do not pair the remote then the buttons of the remote do not work properly. Press and hold the home button for at least 10 seconds, and then pair it. If your remote still does not work then try these steps.

  • Try disconnecting the firestick from the power point. 
  • Now press and hold these buttons for at least 20 seconds (Back button, menu button and the left button of the navigation ring).
  • Now, remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Turn on the power and wait for the home screen to appear.
  • Re-insert the batteries in the remote.
  • Wait for a few minutes, now press and hold the home button for a minimum of 10 seconds.


 These are some of the most common problems that you might experience when your firestick remote quit working. These problems can be resolved very easily by following the above-mentioned steps. However, most of the times you are more likely to experience a problem with the batteries.

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