How to Fix Kaspersky Secure Connection not Working?

Kaspersky secure connection not working

In today’s time, security breaches and vulnerabilities have increased online. In most cases, when you are connected to a public network, it increases the chances of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. So, what can you do to protect your important information like passwords, credit card details, credentials, location, IP address from being tracked? That is where Kaspersky’s secure connection can be very helpful.

The Kaspersky secure connection prevents your important information from hackers and online vulnerabilities. It helps in establishing a secure connection that prevents tracking your important details and online activities from getting tracked by transferring your information to a secure VPN connection like Kaspersky. You can use Kaspersky secure connection while using public Wi-Fi, shopping online, using social media, as it secures your information.

Though Kaspersky Secure connection helps in keeping your information safe and secure, many users complain about Kaspersky secure connection not working problem. If you are one of them and are having difficulty accessing Kaspersky, then do not worry. You can follow the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below to fix the issue. If you need a technical solution and an immediate response, get in touch with the Kaspersky Support team for help.

Try to Switch to Another Server

While using the Kaspersky secure connection, the distance between the VPN connection and the VPN server can be the reason why Kaspersky secure connection does not working problem occurs. The distance can affect the speed of the network. If you are far away from the Kaspersky secure connection, it takes more time for the device to reach the server. So, what can be the reason why Kaspersky’s secure connection not working issue occurs.

Try Changing the Network Port

When the device connects with the Kaspersky Secure connection, it uses a different network port to connect with the server. So, you can choose the network port however, if you are facing a problem with the Kaspersky secure connection then try connecting through another port.

Try Running the Application again

If you are still facing a problem with the Kaspersky secure connection not working, then you can try to run the program again to resolve the problem.

  • Click twice on the application shortcut.
  • If you do not have an app shortcut, then select Windows + E option.
  • And then run the software file.
  • The Kaspersky secure connection will start running now. However, if you are still experiencing a problem, then get help from the experts for a technical solution.

Reinstall Kaspersky Secure Connection

If the Kaspersky secure connection does not work problem occurs, then there are chances that the Kaspersky secure connection. You can uninstall the Kaspersky secure connection.

  • Download and install the software. Make sure to download it from the original website.
  • Now, remove the previous version of the Kaspersky software.
  • Run the program and install the new and updated software.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Run the Installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are facing any issue while reinstalling the Kaspersky secure connection software. You can get help from the technicians. They will guide and assist you in reinstalling the software correctly.

Add Exceptions to the Installed Software

If you have installed antivirus software in your system then it can interfere with the Kaspersky secure connection. This can be the reason why Kaspersky secure connection does not working problem occurs. Add the software as an exception rather than disabling it. So, you still need to protect the system from virus and other malware.

Check the Server of Kaspersky Secure Connection

You need to check the Kaspersky Secure connection server. Make sure the server is not down or very overcrowded. Especially, if you are using a secure connection, then the problem can occur with the Kaspersky connection. So, if this is the problem, then you can’t do anything but wait for the issue to be resolved from the back end.

Get Help from the Experts

In this blog, we have covered the basic troubleshooting solutions that you need to follow to resolve Kaspersky secure connection not working problem. However, if these solutions do not work, then get in touch with the Kaspersky Support experts for support and help. They will guide and assist you in resolving the issue immediately so that you can get an immediate response.


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