How to Get Access to Roku Secret Menu Step by Step?

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Roku is one of the best streaming players out there. Not only it allows you to stream some of the most amazing content available on different channels but also has so many features and functions that simply make Roku the most preferred streaming player in the USA.

Roku is quite easy to use and that is what most people love about it. However, in this blog, we are not going to discuss something we already know about Roku. Here we are going to cover ‘the secret menu of Roku’ that most people are not aware of.

Most of the Roku users do not have the closest idea that there is a secret menu hiding in there streaming device. This menu has some of the most amazing tools that will surely make your streaming experience on Roku even more amazing.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail about the Roku secret menu and some of the most interesting things that you would learn about Roku. We are also going to help you learn some of the settings for Roku that will make your experience even better.

However, if you are facing any trouble while using the Roku device or streaming on Roku it is always a great idea to get help from the Roku technicians as they can guide help in a better way.

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Hidden Secrets of Roku and The Roku Secret Menu

There are many things that you need to know about the Roku hidden secret menu. So, let us get started here so that you get more information about your favorite streaming device ‘Roku’.

First of all, to open the Roku secret menu you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press the home button on the Roku remote.
  • Now press the home button 5 times.
  • Once press the fast forward button.
  • Then press the play button and then the rewind button, each once.
  • Now, press the play button and then the fast forward button, each once.

Now, when Roku secret menu opens you need to check out a few interesting things that can make your experience better and Roku’s performance amazing.

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Roku Secret Menu: What you need to know?

You do not have to explore to know about the most interesting things on the Roku hidden menu they are right there for you. You can find some of the most valuable information that can help you with improving speed and performance.

Checking the Temperature an Fan Speed of Roku

Just like any other streaming device, Roku tends to get hot when you stream HD content for a long time on it. So, for Roku to function better it is always recommended to keep it cool most of the time.

Otherwise, it can result in many issues and you may come across problems like slow speed, streaming issues, poor streaming quality, and others. 

To check if the Roku is overheated, check the fan speed if it running very fast that is more than 25% of speed then the device is probably overheated. Also, if the Roku secret screen is green then, you do not have to worry as everything is fine. You can try moving the Roku device somewhere where it is cool.

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System Operation menu

This is one of the most interesting things about the Roku secret menu. So here are some of the functions that you need to know about.

System Reboot

 If you want to restart the Roku device without unplugging it then you can follow this operation from the secret menu. It can be very helpful at times when the Roku apps are not working or there is a glitch in between.

Some users have to deal with loud fan noises this function will let you shut down so that you can silence the fan.

Disabling Network Pings

 It is for security concerns s it can slow down the Roku device. So, it is always best to turn it off. However, sometimes when you turn this off you may come across Roku not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue. If this is the problem you can follow the guide mentioned below.

Roku is not Connecting to Wi-Fi: How to Resolve this Problem?

  • Try enabling all of the resolutions. This menu option allows you to see all of the resolution options for streaming on Roku. However, in most cases, the Roku devices will automatically adjust to the streaming resolution and quality that matches with the internet connection.

Wi-Fi Remote Menu

 This particular section about the Roku secret menu is quite tricky. So, it is always recommended to not touch or mess with this section as it can be quite tricky to handle.

  • Firmware Over the Air Update
  • Audience Over the Air Update

It is important to update the firmware of any device and the same goes for the Roku device as well. However, if something goes wrong then it can be very difficult to handle and you would need a technical support team to get you out of this situation. That is why it is strongly recommended to not mess with this section of the Roku secret or hidden menu.

Wi-Fi Secret Screen

This is the most interesting thing about the Roku secret menu. Here in this menu, you can check the speed of the Wi-Fi connection in real-time. You can also reset the Wi-Fi, control Wi-FI radio, the power level for Wi-Fi and much more. So, that is why it is the most interesting and knowledgeable thing that you need to know about.

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  In this blog, we have covered in detail some of the secret and hidden menu for Roku that you need to know. Besides, you also get to check the speed of the router optimize the settings an do much more in this hidden section of the Roku secret menu.

However, just in case you are facing any issue or trouble while accessing this feature on Roku then do not worry. You can simply get in touch with the Roku technical support team and seek help and support immediately. And, enjoy watching your favorite streams without any trouble.