How to Pair Roku Remote

How to Pair Roku Remote-If your Roku device comes with an IR remote, insert the batteries (either AA or AAA), then point and push the buttons you need to use. No additional pairing is required.

Learn How to Pair Roku Remote in a Quick Guide

Roku devices are one of the best things that can turn an ordinary television into a smart TV in just a matter of a few seconds. To be precise, the Roku streaming sticks and setup box allows you to stream and watch content available on several channels like Netflix, YouTube. Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV and others. While the Roku streaming player comes with a remote that makes navigating the menu and channels easy and convenient.

However, many times you may have to face issues with the Roku remote. It is very common to face problems and errors while using the Roku remote. And sometimes you may have to pair another remote with the Roku player. Especially, if you want to change the Roku remote then you need to know about pairing the remote with the Roku device. So, if you are wondering how to pair Roku remote, then we have a complete guide for you.

How to Pair Roku Remote: An Easy and Quick Guide

Usually, Roku remote works seamlessly without any problem or issue however, some time you may have to face a few issues while using the Roku remote. These issues vary and can occur because of several reasons. But the good thing you can easily resolve the issue with the Roku remote on your own, however, if the problem persists you can get help from the technical support team for Roku.

Although, Roku remote works properly but sometimes it may experience issues. That is why it is important to understand how to pair Roku remote.

Steps to Pair Roku Remote Manually

It is quite simple to pair Roku remote manually. Usually, if the navigating keys of your Roku remote are working properly you can try the manual method of pairing the Roku remote.

  • Check the batteries of the Roku remote are no0t drained and are inserted properly in the battery compartment. Also, make sure that the device is placed closer to the Roku device while trying to pair the remote.
  • Take out the plug of the Roku device, keep it unplugged for a while and then a plugin.
  • Now, you may be prompted to complete the pairing of the Roku remote. So, take out the batteries of the Roku remote.
  • Then, press/hold the reset button that you can find in the battery compartment for a few seconds.
  • This shall complete the repairing of the Roku remote.

These are the steps that you need to follow to complete the Roku remote pairing. However, if you are facing any issue while pairing the Roku remote get in touch with the Roku technical support team for help and assistance.

Use Roku Remote App

If your Roku remote is not working or if you have lost the Roku remote, then do not worry as you can also use the Roku remote app for navigation. The Roku mobile app can be installed on Android and iOS devices. You need to install the application and then configure it, to navigate and control the Roku device.

How to Pair Third-Party Remote for Roku devices?

If your Roku remote is not working and you do not want to install the app, then you can also use third party remotes, but you will have to complete the pairing steps. Make sure you are using Infrared Red remotes and the line of sight between the Roku device and the remote is not blocked. So, here is how you can pair a third party remote with the Roku device:

  • Use 2AA batteries and insert them in the remote.
  • Then press the remote in front of the Roku player.
  • And then press the button on the remote.

If you are learning how to pair a Roku remote and third party remote then you must know that it is an important step. However, if you are facing any issue while pairing the remote get help from the Roku experts.

Most Common Roku Remote Pairing Issues with Quick Fixes

While it is quite easy to pair the Roku remote once you understand the steps for how to pair Roku remote. However, many times you may have to face various issues while trying to pair the remote with the Roku device. But do not worry as we are going to discuss the troubleshooting solutions that can help you in Roku remote pairing problems.

  • The first thing that you need to check if you are using an infrared Roku remote is if nothing is blocking the remote. Just like any other IR remote, for the Roku remote to work properly it must not have anything blocking the signals. You can also try to lift the Roku remote higher to receive better signals.
  • Another reason why the Roku remote may show issues while pairing is because of drained batteries. So, first of all, take out the batteries and then re-insert them to check if it is working properly. If the remote is still not working try inserting a new pair of batteries.
  • You can also try repairing the Roku remote if it does not happen once. Repairing the Roku remote allows you to reset the remote. You can follow the guide mentioned above to repair the Roku remote. But if the Roku remote is still not pairing then get in touch with the Roku experts for further assistance.
  • Another important thing that you need to check while following the steps for how to pair Roku remote, is to check the internet connection. Open the Roku menu, navigate to the settings menu and open the network option. Here you can check the status of the network. To pair the Roku, remote the internet connection must work properly. If you are experiencing an issue with the network then try troubleshooting solutions to fix the issues with the connected network.

Get Expert Help?

In this guide, we have covered the basic steps that you need to follow to complete the pairing of the Roku remote. However, sometimes you may experience a few issues while pairing the remote with the Roku device. You can get in touch with the Roku technical support team to guide you with how to pair Roku remote. They will also provide you a technical solution to fix Roku remote pairing issues.

If the IR remote isn’t working and want to know how to pair roku remote to tv then read our Working? Troubleshooting guide, and try these tips:

  • You can experiment on your smartphone regarding the troubleshooting. If your smartphone has a camera then point your remote at the camera & press a few buttons on the remote, if you see the flashing light coming from remote on your smartphone screen then your remote will work.

You can also try this with a digital camera or camcorder with an LCD viewfinder/screen.This will help to guide you how to pair roku remote

  • Don’t forget to check the remote sensor on Roku, if your Roku is not working then maybe the sensor is the problem. Maybe it’s defective.

Re-Pairing/Resetting Your Remote

Do this if you want to reset or repair the remote with your Roku:
• Disconnect Roku from power & reconnect after five seconds.
• If you see the home menu on your tv screen, just insert the batteries into your remote, but leave the battery compartment open.
• Find the right place of the pairing button in the battery compartment of the remote.

How to Pair Roku Remote So, you may be wondering Roku remote pairing, you tried a lot but no use. Every Roku player comes with a Roku remote that is already paired to do proper work.

There are times when you want to pair a new remote but you don’t know what to do. All you know is the replacing option.

How to Pair Roku Remote For pairing your Roku remote, all you need to do is restart the Roku player, press and hold the reset button in remotes battery for about 3 seconds. A look at the Roku players:

Roku players- both streaming boxes and streaming sticks, these help you in turning your ordinary tv to a smart tv. They let you stream content from thousands of online channels on your tv.

How to Pair Roku Remote Instead of watching the Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and like on your phone or tablet, you can sit on the sofa and enjoy those channels on the tv.

Your Roku remote comes up with a small remote control (which always works) there may be any situations in which it does not work like, not handling with care, throwing the remote or not using it for a long time.

However, there are also few cases, if you buy a new remote, your Roku player may not recognize it. In this case, you need a “pair” work

Make sure you have new and working batteries in your Roku remote control and you should use it closely with your player.

  • How to Pair Roku Remote Make sure you unplug the Roku player, leave it in the same situation for 2 minutes and plug it back again.
  • When you reboot the Roku, it will instruct you that you need to pair the remote control if you are in the start phase. It won’t show you the instructions regarding the setup if it’s already set up with the Roku device.
  • Remove the battery compartment in Roku remote
  • Now press and hold the reset button in the battery compartment for 3-5 seconds.

By using the above tips, your Roku remote is paired easily now you know how to pair the Roku remote.

It’s not mandatory to use only the remote control of your Roku device all the time. You can also install the Roku mobile app for the easy to use purposes.

Roku makes apps for Android or iPhone users too. You can use your phone to control your Roku player too. If in case you fail to buy a remote, it’s also an option.

In case you fail to understand the above points, its better you call the technologists of Roku Support, they will handle your cases like your near or dear ones.

They will resolve any type of error which is in search of. Be it remote issue, setup issue, device not working, any type of error will be resolved by the guidance of Roku Support.

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