How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick Remote

Amazon Fire Stick Reset

How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick Remote-Enjoying the movies on TV is a pleasing but what if the firestick remote is not working? Let us inform you how to reset the amazon fire stick remote easily. There are numerous approaches to reset the remote. But we will explain you the favorites. Have you constantly tried to pause the tv while watching the movie and when you press the play button also to watch the movie, the remote does not respond to you and the movie just keeps on pause mode? Sometimes rebooting will indeed not work in this scene.

Reboot process may do well but remote does not respond in many cases. If you are in a situation like this and your firestick remote is not working, then all you need is a fix. Here are the cause and patches we have carried for you. 

Damaged Firestick Buttons-How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick Remote

Firestick remote buttons don’t function when the remote is not perfectly combined with your firestick. To learn how to reset the amazon fire stick remote, you require to hold down the home button on remote for about 10 seconds and pair it further. If it does not work, follow the steps to reset your remote & repair it with a firestick. The below steps will reset & unpair your remote & pair it again with firestick:

  • Disconnect Firestick from power source (either unplug the Firestick device or the adapter from the power outlet)
  • Hold down the down-mentioned buttons simultaneously for about ten seconds:
  1. Back button
  2. Menu button
  3. Left part of the navigation ring
  • Take out the batteries from the firestick remote.
  • Power on firestick & stick around until you look at the home screen on your TV.
  • Now insert the batteries back inside your firestick remote.
  • Remain for 1-2 minutes

· Your Firestick remote will be reset or paired. If it hasn’t paired, hold down the Home button for a minimal of 10 seconds.​

Firestick Remote App 

The second effective concept that helps if you do not know How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick Remote in your amazon fire stick remote is by using the firestick remote app. Amazon Fire TV remote not working still? In case you run out of batteries at midnight and you have no alternative ones, that does not mean that your device is worthless. You may nevertheless control the device by using the amazon fire TV remote app. The app converts your smartphone in a remote and lets you make contact with firestick as a replacement for the physical remote.

You get a fire TV app on both Android and iOS platforms. Download the app and set it up with your Firestick or Fire TV device. Just make assured that your smartphone and Firestick device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Incompatibility of Remote

How to reset amazon fire stick remote when there is some incompatibility of remotes? This question isn’t for those who are suffering issues with them out of the box remote. I am talking about the remotes bought separately. You can solve this issue by applying the in-house or third-party remotes, which can work with firestick and fire TV devices.

Amazon fire stick can support third-party game controllers, which can be applied as remotes to connect the device. official amazon product which clearly describes its compatibility with firestick will work with the device. If you use third-party remote controllers, make decisive they work for you.

You can get reasonable replicas of remote by which you can operate the firestick. The products easily work but may not work all the time. Before you shop the amazon fire stick remote, justify the reliability of the seller. Ask the firestick technicians for further assistance of incompatibility issues.

Damaged Firestick Remote

If your fire stick remote is damaged, thus you may learn how to reset Amazon Fire Stick remote by this solution offered by amazon fire stick experts. If you acquire the new remote but you have still got fresh batteries in it, effectively might be chances that your firestick remote is damaged.

If that’s the case, the entire option is to purchase a replacement remote. The wonderful news is that the replacement remotes don’t cost a lot. Purchase them around $10. Go and look it up on Amazon. You have plethora of choices for this. Get customized remote with new and dedicated buttons for apps or Netflix. Some remotes still have the volume control. You require to follow that the custom remote is not serious but always take remote after watching useful articles.

Pair Your Remote

Commonly, when you purchase a firestick remote, it comes pre-combined with the firestick. In action it is not paired, you will have to do it systematically. Or, if your new/replacement Firestick remote is not working, effectively is a chance it isn’t paired correctly.

Pairing is straightforward. Chase the steps below.

  1. Plug in Firestick into HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Power on both Firestick and your TV.
  3. When your firestick gets booted up, easily hold down the home button on remote for about 10 seconds.
  4. This point will pair your amazon firestick remote but it should start working.

If pairing is not determined striking, press & hold the home button for ten to twenty seconds. In many cases, users had to repeat the process several occasions for an outstanding pairing. Now you know how to reset amazon fire stick remote for pairing.

Use Brand New Batteries

Amazon Fire Stick Remote is one power-greedy accessory. If your fire stick remote is not responding accurately and you want to reset it, you must run the brand-new fire stick remote batteries. There is a considerable chance of your firestick device run out of charge.

The battery diminishes without any warning. Constantly keep a set of new batteries because you don’t know when this great piece of technology needs the supply of power. Make sure you bring real batteries alone.

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