How to Resolve Alexa Not Working Issues?

Are you facing issues with your Alexa device? Then do not worry as the issue can be fixed easily by following the troubleshooting solutions. In this blog, we are going to cover the solutions that you can try to resolve the ‘Alexa not Working’ issue.

 Alexa is a cloud-based virtual assistant. Digital assistance is designed to answer your queries and perform various tasks for you. The Alexa voice control listens to your commands and performs all of the activities for you. With the passing of time, Amazon has incorporated different skills that allow you to get your task done without any hassle. Alexa became popular with the introduction of the Echo Dot, which acts as a speaker as well as a smart home. It also works in collaboration with other smart devices. Amazon constantly strives to improve the performance of Alexa by overcoming challenges.

Though Alexa offers some of the most amazing features it is very common to experience issues with Alexa. Many people come across Alexa, not working problems, which can be quite frustrating dealing with. Sometimes it can experience issues in understanding the command and many times simply not respond to the commands. 

Amazon Alexa not Working: Troubleshooting Solutions to Follow

If you are facing issues while using Alexa then do not worry as these problems can be fixed very easily, if you follow the steps mentioned below. However, if nothing works, then get in touch with the Alexa Support team for help and assistance.

Check the Wi-Fi Connection

For Alexa to work properly it needs to have a proper internet connection. If the device is connected to a poor network or weak wi-fi connection. Then you can try a few things to resolve this problem. 

First of all, check the status of the network connection. You can check the LED light at the bottom of the device, with a white indication connected and an orange light indicating no network. Once you are sure about the network connection you can try the following methods to resolve the network connection issue.

  • Try restarting the router and then turn off the Alexa device and turn it on again.
  • If a restart does not help with Alexa not working problem then check if nothing is interfering with the wi-fi signals. Try placing the Alexa device closer to the router to receive better signals.
  • You can also improve the wi-fi network by disconnecting other devices connected to the same network.

These are some of the methods that you need to follow to resolve the Alexa not working issue. However, if these do not work then getting help from the technical support team is the best solution.

Alexa Not Connecting to Other Devices

One of the best features offered by Alexa is to voice control smart devices. There is a wide range of smart devices available in the market that can be controlled by Alexa. First of all, you need to make sure that the device is compatible with Alexa. 

You can also try to set up the Alexa device to resolve Alexa, not working issues. Also, make sure the Alexa and the smart devices are connected to the same network. You can use the Alexa app to link the smart devices. It allows you to link and control all of the devices with a single command. 

If this does not work, and the problem persists you can get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

Alexa is not Able to Understand the Command

Another problem that you may face which may result in Alexa not working issue is if it is not able to understand you. However, you must know that Alexa voice recognition improves with time. 

You can train Alexa by helping it understand your voice. Go to head settings and then select the voice training option. It will ask you to repeat 25 phrases, which will help Alexa in understanding your voice. It also allows you to understand what Alexa heard. Go to the app settings and check out the history to know what Alexa heard.

Another thing that you need to check is that Alexa is not placed close to noise appliances as it may interfere with Alexa’s interpretation.

Alexa is not Connecting to Bluetooth

The Alexa device makes sure that you are connecting to the right Bluetooth devices. Also, make sure the Bluetooth device is properly charged. If you are still unable to connect the Bluetooth device with Alexa then you can try repairing the device again. Simply, go to the Alexa app and then select the settings option. Select the Alexa device and then choose the Bluetooth option. Then select the clear all paired devices option.

To re-pair the device you need to give pair command to Alexa. Then, open the Bluetooth settings to pair the device. The connection will be confirmed in a bit. If you are still experiencing a problem in connecting Alexa with the Bluetooth devices then get help from the Alexa Support team.

Unable to Stream Using Alexa

Another problem that you may face which can result in Alexa not working issue is if you are unable to stream from Spotify, Prime Music, MyMusic Library, etc. This issue is more likely to occur because of the internet connection issue. 

Make sure to check the speed of the internet connection. If you are connected to a network that has a speed of less than 0.5mbps then it is bound to create an issue. Then you either need to connect to another network or you can follow the troubleshooting tips to improve the wi-fi network. Either way, the key point is to improve the speed of the network.

In this blog, we have covered some of the basic issues that most users experience while using Alexa. If you are facing Alexa not working problem then these solutions can help in fixing the problem. However, if nothing works or you are unable to follow the steps, get in touch with the Alexa Support team. The team will guide and assist you in resolving the issue immediately.


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