How to Resolve Firestick Not Working on Tv?

Firestick not working on TV is one of the most common issues yet it can be very frustrating to deal with. Whether it is the device that has stopped working or the remote, you need to fix the main cause of the problem in order to stream content. 

Some of the most common problems that may arise while using Firestick are the glitches in the app, video issues, and frozen or black screens. 

But do not worry as we are going to discuss some of the most basic troubleshooting solutions that will help you fix firesticks not working on tv errors quickly. If this does not work get help from the Fire TV Support a team of experts.

A Complete Guide on Firestick not Working on TV

Firestick is an amazing device that connects with your TV and allows you to stream your favorite channel without any hassle. There is nothing better than being able to watch your favorite movie, TV shows, animations, and other content on the big screen – Firestick not working on TV.

Firestick is one such streaming device that makes this possible for all of the users at a pretty reasonable price.

All things good right? But it is definitely not all good when it comes to streaming sticks and Firestick is no different. Firestick not working on TV is a common issue that the users have to face at some point in time and to worsen it probably daily. 

That is why understanding why the Firestick is not working and how to resolve the issue is very important.

In this blog, we are going to cover the best solutions that you can follow to fix Firestick not working on TV issues.

Solutions to Resolve Firestick not Working on TV Error

Here we are going to discuss in detail why you are facing this problem and how you can resolve this problem | Firestick not working on TV.

Wi-Fi Network Related Issues

As we all know that for any streaming device to work properly it needs to be connected to a proper Wi-Fi network. Additionally, to stream the content available on the streaming channels you need to connect the device to a fast network.  

Firestick not working on TV – If the connection is poor or the Wi-Fi network is weak, then make sure to change the network or reboot the modem and the router. If this does not work get help from the Fire TV Support a team of experts.

Check the Indicator

Check the indicator. If the power light keeps flashing or is not flashing then it clearly means there is something wrong and you need to fix the issue | Firestick not working on TV.

Usually, if this is the problem it means there is an issue with the power socket or the power cord. So, first of all, check the power sockets properly and the power cord as well.

Look at the HDMI Port

Sometimes the most unexpected thing like the HDMI port or the cables can be the reason why Firestick not working on TV occurs. 

So, you need to check the HDMI cable and the port and see if it is not damaged or faulty. Also, make sure to use original HDMI cables as they are less prone to wear and tear.

Try to Connect the Firestick Again with the TV

If you are facing an issue with the Firestick on the Tv then you can try reconnecting it with the TV. This can help in fixing Firestick not working on TV problems.

  • Switch off the Tv and disconnect the power cord.
  • Take out the Firestick from the HDMI port.
  • Now, wait for at least 15 minutes and then plug in the TV and then wait for ten minutes.
  • Turn on the television.
  • Connect the Firestick with the HDMI port of the TV.
  • Press the Fire Tv remote and check if it resolves the problem.

Firestick Remote Issues

Remote is an important accessory that comes along with the Fire TV and the Firestick. It allows you to have control and navigate to the menu. But if Firestick not working on TV is the issue then there are chances that the remote is not working properly. So, you can follow these steps to resolve the problem. If this does not work get help from the Fire TV Support a team of experts.

  • Try replacing the batteries of the Firestick remote. The Firestick remote work on radio Frequency and uses a lot of battery so it has to be replaced quite frequently. SO, the first steps I to change the batteries.
  • If batteries are not an issue, then try restarting the Firestick and the Fire TV. Often times a quick reboot is all you need to fix the error. Get in touch with the Firestick experts if you need more help on the rebooting.
  • Firestick not working on TV – You can also try to pair the remote with the Fire TV to resolve any problems with the Firestick.
  • If nothing seems to work then you will have to replace the Firestick remote.

Methods to Fix Firestick Not Working on TV Problem

Check the Internet Connectivity of the Wi-Fi

If the Firestick is unable to connect to the network or Firestick not working on TV there could be an issue with the wi-fi network. Sometimes the problem can also be in the modem or the router in such a case follow these steps to fix the problem.

  • Check the compatibility of the modem you are using with the TV you are using.
  • The WiFi connection you are using must have these specifications. B, G, and N router should be on 2.4 GHz and the A and N router must be on 5 GHz – Firestick not working on TV.

Fix the Firestick Remote Problems

Sometimes the Firestick not working on TV. This problem may arise because of an issue in the Firestick remote. It can be because of pairing or syncing problems or simply because the remote won’t work. Here is what you can do to fix this problem.

  • Try rebooting the Firestick remote and the Fire TV. You can do so by unplugging it and then plugging it back again. If you are unable to pair the Firestick remote then you can reach out to the experts for support. Contact the Firestick support team for help.
  • Then, press and hold the home button available on the Firestick remote for 10-20 seconds. Also, make sure the Firestick is completely charged during this process

Fix Issue in Turning on the Firestick

If you are experiencing Firestick not working on TV problem and that is simply because you are unable to turn on the Firestick. Then do not worry as it can be resolved quickly.

  • If the white indicator light is turned off then you need to check the power chord. Make sure it is plugged in properly and the connection is not loose.

Replace the power chord if it is damaged. If this does not work get help from the Fire TV Support a team of experts.


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