How to Resolve the Google Home Not Working?

Google Home Not Working

Adding Google Home to your personal space is surely a smart choice. However, sometimes you may come across an issue like Google Home not working. This is a common problem that most Google Home users come across at some point in time. This can occur because of reasons like Wi-Fi not connecting, speakers are not delivering the sound properly, the devices are not able to communicate.

There can be many reasons for the Google Home to not work, however, these errors can be resolved quickly by following the troubleshooting solutions.

In this blog, we are going to cover the solutions that can help in resolving Google Home not working issue. However, if you are experiencing the issue regularly, then you can get in touch with the technical support team for help and guidance.

Troubleshooting Solutions for Google Home Not Working Error

If you are experiencing any problem with Google Home then you can follow the troubleshooting solution mentioned below to fix the problem.

Restart the Google Home Device

It does not matter what issue you are having with Google Home; your first troubleshooting solution should always be restarting the Google Home. It is nothing very difficult but can help in fixing the most common errors.

  • Download and install the Google Home app on the device.
  • Then click on the home tab on the app.
  • Then choose the Google Home device that you would like to restart.
  • Now, select the settings option on the top.
  • Select the option for restarting the device.

If restarting the device is not able to resolve the Google Home not working, then take out the plug of the Google Home, wait for some time, and plug into the power on the device. If this does not fix the problem get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

Fix Connectivity Issues

Poor network connection or weak wi-fi network is the reason why you may experience Google Home is not working problem. As a result, you may experience buffering issues, unable to play the music, and other connectivity-related errors.

You can connect the Google Home to another network and in many cases resolve the problem by restarting the router. However, if these basic troubleshooting solutions do not work get in touch with the support team for help and guidance.

Google Home Localization Problem

Many times, you may experience Google Home not working problems if the location is not set up properly or is wrong. If this is the problem then you are likely to experience problems while getting weather and traffic updates. That is why it is very important to set up the right location while setting up the Google Home. Go to the settings and then select the places option to change the location.

Google Home not Responding

Many times, while using Google Home you may experience a problem when Google Home just won’t respond to your commands. Do not panic as it is a common error and can be resolved quickly. The Google Home comes with a button that turns off the microphone. So, when the microphone is disabled the Google Home will simply not take your commands. If Google Homes are not listening to your command or simply not responding, then make sure to check this button.

However, if you are still experiencing Google Home is not working or responding error, get in touch with the support team for help and guidance.

Google Home is Unresponsive

The most common reason why you are experiencing Google Home not working is if you are not talking loud enough. It simply does not mean you need to be very loud just be clear and a bit loud for the Google Home to take the command properly. Move closer to the device and then speak up. You can also turn off the noise or any interference that may be bugging in between. Also, check the volume button of the Google Home, and make sure it is not turned down, adjust it properly.

If after trying, all this Google Home is not working then get in touch with the help and support team for guidance.

Reset Google Home

If the above-mentioned steps do not work and you are still experiencing Google Home not working issue then you are left with no other option but to reset the Google Home. Remember that resetting will restore the default settings and clear the data from the Googler Home. Get in touch with the technical support team to know how to reset Google Home.

It is common to experience problems with Google Home as it works on the internet connection. However, we have mentioned the solutions that can help in fixing Google Home not working error quickly. But, if these solutions do not work or the error keeps coming back, you must get a technical solution from the expert. They will guide and assist you to fix the problem from the root immediately.

Google Home Mini Not Working

Google Homes is surely a smart addition to your home network. Google Home is designed to make your life easier and more convenient and in short on your fingertips. When it comes to voice assistants or simply managing your tasks, Google Home is up for you. There is possibly nothing that you ever thought of a smart home to be like, which Google Home does not provide you. It comes with a Google Home app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, to make it even more convenient.

However, sometimes you may face Google Home not working problem. This issue can arise because of several reasons. However, mostly it is because of the internet connection problem. Regardless, of what the reason is the Google Home problem must not hamper you from using all the features it has to offer.

In this blog, we are going to cover some of the most basic troubleshooting solutions that can help you in fixing the Google Home not working problem in real-time.

What can you do if Google Home Not Working Problem Occurs?

The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone to face this error. While using Google home many people come across this issue. But you need to resolve it as soon as possible to enjoy using the most convenient thing ever designed for your home.

Restart the Google Home

No matter what the error is the first thing that you should be doing is to restart the Google Home. It can help in fixing most of the problems in a very easy way. By now we all know that restarting must be the first step when it comes to Google home, not working issues.

  • Download the Google Home app.
  • Open the Home icon. Here you can choose the Google Home device and allow it to restart.
  • Then open the settings option.
  • Select the Restart option and then press ok.

If restarting the Google Home is not able to fix the problem then you can try unplugging the device and see if that can fix the issue.

Verify the Connections

For Google Home to work properly it is very important to have a good network system. If there is an issue with the wi-fi system it can cause a lot of trouble in the functioning of the Google Home.

If you are having internet connection issues then a quick power cycle can help in resolving Google Home not working. Again, restarting the modem and the router can also help in resolving the problem.

You can also try moving the Google Home device closer to the router to improve the wi-fi signals. However, if these steps are not able to resolve the problem then get in touch with the Google Homes tech experts for help.

Check the Location

To resolve this issue, you need to update the correct home and work location on your Google Home device. You can do this by going to the Google account settings and then select the home and work locations. However, if there is any issue in resolving the Google Home not working issue then the best thing to do is to get help from a professional team of experts.

Google Home is Unresponsive

One of the most common reasons why Google Home not working when you are giving a command is because you are not talking clearly. Move the Google Homes device closer or somewhere in the middle where it can receive commands.

Also, make sure that the Google Home device is not placed closer to devices like microwave, TV, radio, and others that may interfere with the signals. Also, verify that the volume of the device is not turned down.

If you are still experiencing an issue with Google Home then there are chances that the mic is not working and you may have to get it replaced. However, if Google Home is unable to work properly then you need to get help from the technical support team.

Need a Technical Solution for Google Home not Working?

Experiencing issues with Google Home devices is very common and may arise because of several reasons. In this guide, we have covered some of the solutions that can help you in resolving the Google home not working problem. However, if the problem persists or simply if these solutions do not work. You must reach out to the technical experts for assistance. They will guide you in navigating through the errors in a more technical way.


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