How to resolve the Roku HDCP Error?

Roku has the authority of pioneering streaming for TV production. Roku streaming players are a particularly helpful & cost-efficient means to watch TV. All you desire to make to see Roku is plug it in your TV, associate it with the internet and set up a Roku account, and start streaming your favorite programs. If you are yet not precise about how you can get rid of this Roku HDCP error, thus just see our website Roku TV Support and we will be joyful to help you out in every hurdle of fixing this blunder.

Background of Roku HDCP Error

If in case your Roku streaming player discovers that the HDMI link with your TV or audio/video receiver does not support the copy & content protection technology, it may display an “HDCP Error Detected” message. This is also known to be the Roku error code 020. You can recognize this error by seeing a purple screen.

This content protection technology is recognized as HDCP. Aside from a TV or AVR that does not support HDCP, this issue may again be the rise of another issue such as a defective HDMI cable or HDMI connector. The article lets you know how you can troubleshoot and solve the issue when an HDCP error is found while using the Roku player.

What is HDCP? – Roku HDCP Error

HDCP is a copy & content protection model adopted by TV and motion picture production. Content security is continuing in the business for an extremely high term, and it was applied to avoid individuals from stealing the economic VHS videotapes. The latest copy protection technique is known as the HDCP, or high bandwidth digital copy protection.

This is applied on HDMI connections for digital devices like Blu-ray players, Roku streaming devices, and cable boxes. If you stream 4k or 4k HDR content on these devices, a new version of HDCP is required, which is recognized as the HDCP 2.2.

What is HDCP 2.2?

HDCP 2.2 is created for 4K Ultra HD content, as well as movies & TV shows available with High Dynamic Range (4K HDR). For successfully streaming the 4k or 4K HDR content, all devices connected by HDMI to your appropriate Roku streaming player must support HDCP 2.2.

This consists of your TV, an audio or video receiver (AVR), & any other devices connected in between. If indeed one device is not caring the HDCP 2.2, later the 4K or 4K HDR picture or TV film can solely be explored in a rougher resolution like 720p or 1080p.

To solve the Roku “HDCP Error Detected Issue”, try these steps: 

Follow these instructions for setting up your Roku player for 4k if you demand to decide to stream the ultra HD content. For this, go to the next step if you continue to see an “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen.

  • Unplug each end of the HDMI wire on both your Roku player, your TV, or AVR.
  • Power off the TV & unplug its power cord.
  • Power off the TV & unplug its power cord.
  • Cut out the power cord from Roku.
  • Reconnect all the ends of the HDMI cable, but make sure every connector is attached securely and firmly.
  • Reconnect the power cord to your Roku player and TV and delay for both the devices to power on. Press the power button on the TV remote for this.
  • Try examining the program further. By this, your Roku HDCP error will be solved smoothly.

If the Above Did not work for you, try these Different Suggestions:

  • Use a different HDMI input on your TV.
  • Use a different HDMI cable i.e. less than 6 feet, just to make sure the cable you are currently using does not have any defects.
  • If you are using an AVR or HDMI switch, connect the Roku player directly to the TV.
  • If possible, try another tv.
  • If in any case, you are using the computer monitor, then just use a tv, if possible.
  • Use a different display setting on your Roku player. You can find these settings under Settings > Display type.
  • If this is the first time you are seeing the “Roku HDCP Error Detected” message or purple screen after setting up your Roku player, ensure that your TV or AVR supports HDCP. 
  • By following these rules it’s guaranteed to get the Roku HDCP error removed.

Set up your Roku Streaming Player for 4K;-

“4k” is known as 4k ultra-high-definition, 4k ultra HD, or 4k UHD, and it refers to TV resolution. This is a measure of how much detail you can look at on the screen. Traditional 1080p full HD TV resolution is restricted to 1,920 columns and 1,080 rows of pixels. While 4k, ultra HD TV involves a resolution of 3,840 columns and 2,160 rows of pixels. 4k is purely a four-time increase in picture aspect over the surviving HD resolutions like 1080p.

What are the requirements for this?

These are the supporting procedure to obtain the 4K Ultra HD content on a suitable Roku player.

  • There must be a use of compatible 4k ultra HD TV with available HDMI 2.0 input that supports the HDCP 2.2.
  • Use the Roku player that is efficient for streaming 4k UHD
  • Use great internet connectivity with appropriate bandwidth to stream the 4k UHD. You will be needed up to 25mbps speed.
  • Must have a streaming service like Netflix with a program that supports 4k UHD
  • have a premium high-speed HDMI cable 

Remove Roku HDCP error with Roku experts!

If you are yet not precise about how you can get rid of this Roku HDCP error, thus just see our website Roku TV Support and we will be joyful to help you out in every hurdle of fixing this blunder.


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