How to unlock kindle fire without resetting

How to unlock kindle fire without resetting

Is your Kindle Fire locked because you didn’t use it for a long period and fed up finding its solution? it can be unlocked if you know the password of your device but if you don’t know the password then there is no need to worry about it because we have an instantaneous solution for this.

You can easily unlock your Kindle Fire without resetting. Usually, it happens due to a long turn from the device and when you want to turn it on you have to reset it. In some ways, you can easily unlock kindle Fire without resetting.

Kindle Fire is an amazing product by Amazon with its incredible features which can be used for various purposes like reading books and watching videos in HD and HDX. If you use it continuously, then you will never face it locked.

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In this article, we will guide you on how to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting it. You need to follow the guideline and you will successfully unlock Kindle Fire without resetting it.

After attempting all the given methods if the problem persists as same you can ring up our technical support team who are always ready to help you round a clock, they will assist you in a more efficient way to solve your issue on how to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting.

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An instant guide on how to unlock Kindle Fire Without resetting

To unlock Kindle Fire without resetting it, follow the steps as given it is the quick and easy way to try first. Possibly this simple step can solve the issue straightforwardly so what you will do initially to resolve the issue is:

  • If you have found your device in sleep mode, then to remove this mode just slide the power button and tap it to release. The power button can be found at a different place on different devices.
  • You can find the power button on either top of the device or bottom of the device but the method to remove the sleep mode is the same.

Maybe, by this simple method, you can unlock your Kindle Fire without resetting but if you need help troubleshooting the issue you can feel free to call our technical team for further help.

Unlock your Kindle Fire without losing data

After resetting your Kindle Fire from sleep mode if the issue persists then you need to reset it to factory default. To do factory default reset, follow these steps:

  • To do so, go to the lock screen and swipe right from the edge of the device.
  • Then, enter an incorrect password for almost five times, by putting the wrong password a reset password option will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now, tap on the reset option and reset the factory default and enter the new password.

This method will delete all your data on the device, but you can restore it by downloading from your Kindle account. In this way, you can surely unlock Kindle Fire without resetting or losing data.

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