Kindle Fire Keeps Losing WiFi Connection

Are you having trouble with your Kindle Fire and it keeps losing wifi connection? Have you sought many ways to fix this issue but failed?

If you have also the troubling mystery about your kindle fire like this, then you are at the right spot. Here, we will assist you at how you can end through Kindle fire keeps losing wifi connection problem in just a few measures. You don’t need to hire someone or pay for that to fix the matter.

First of all, we will discuss that in what circumstances your kindle fire gets losing wifi connection and then we will find the solution for it.

Analyze; Why your kindle fire loses the wifi connection?

Read these points to see why often your Kindle Fire keeps losing wifi connection:

  • Sometimes, by mistake the airplane mode of your device remains on and this influences your device wifi.
  • Maybe your device software version is older.
  • You can also be kindle fire keeps losing wifi connection due to lots of things interfering with the wifi connection, possibly if you are sitting with someone having a cell phone and your wifi turns to the hotspot.
  • Your Kindle can’t work or connect to wifi if it literally does not have the power. May be due to faulty charge cable or a poor battery.
  • Sometimes it happens because of the account problem.

Kindle Fire keeps losing wifi connection; Fix problem

Tackle these ways to resolve this issue in your kindle fire device.

  • If the airplane mode of your device is turned on, just turn it off. It may cause loss of wifi troubleshooting.
  • If the software version of Kindle Fire is more timeless or timed out, you need to update the latest version of Kindle Fire.
  • Download wifi diagnostic tools to see your kindle’s wifi performance whenever it starts losing if you are at the places where other devices are present, perhaps your wifi turns to the hotspot.
  • Check out your kindle fire device’s charge cable and battery. If something wrong with them, just replace it with something salutary. Maybe the problem is with charging cable or the battery.
  • You can walk to a different place. It will help your Kindle wifi to come back to a good position and fix it.
  • If you think your kindle is losing wifi due to account problem, you probably need to go to more, my account and de-register it, then re-register it. Before this, you’d have to do a restore to factory default to try to fix it. All your content like e-books and movies will be restored in your account, after re-registering you can download them simply.
  • It will not work if the Kindle is downloading lots of content, redownloading, or updating the paid content after restoring to defaults.
  • Sometimes, your router supplying the wireless connection can cause the issue. Try to restart your router and Kindle. Maybe it is due to the damaged wireless board that you need to replace it, fix it or contact your internet service provider, and ask for further troubleshooting.

Hope this information will help you to fix the kindle fire keeps losing wifi connection problem.