Kindle Fire won’t connect to WiFi

   Troubleshooting the issue

It is the general phenomenon that if you use any device machine, there may be some technical errors that occur. The same is for Kindle and you may face many technical errors like; Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi. These are the general errors that might be caused due to some reasons.

 If you use kindle and you face issues like Kindle’s wifi connectivity and fed up with this problem, this is not a big issue to be considered because this is one of the most complaints related to Kindle Fire.

In fact, you can troubleshoot the errors like these and can easily fix them. You can know how to fix them because these common problems can be seen while you are using the Kindle and by taking some simple steps you can resolve them.

If you further have difficulty in reaching the right error fixing, you can contact our technical team of experts for instant solutions.

In this article, we are going to assist you with the solution of “ why your Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi”? 

Scrutinize why the error occurs; Kindle won’t connect to wifi 

Before you do any changes or settings to fix the errors, you must check out some of these things and try to analyze why it happened? Maybe by having a look at these things, you can easily connect wifi to Kindle.

  • As you know that the Kindle Fire is completely dependent over wifi and if it is not connected, all will be vain and you will be unable to use it. So, what is the first thing to check is to make sure that you have a strong and reliable internet connection.
  • It is another point to be noted that when you are using your Kindle, the software version should be the latest. If the device has an older version, it may restrict the wifi to connect. So, if the version of your Kindle is an older one you must update it.
  • Maybe you are inserting a wrong password while connecting to wifi. If you have forgotten your password, you can get help through the Amazon tech support team.
  • Airplane mode on devices influences their performance. Check out if the airplane mode on your Kindle Device is on, turn it off. When you will turn the airplane mode off, the wifi connection will work properly if the issue is this.

Now, have you applied these simple techniques but the Kindle Fire still won’t connect to wifi?  Are you frustrated with it!

Still, there are other ways to use and fix the trouble.

  • Turn off the wifi connection for a while: Turn off the wifi connection and wait for some moments then after a while, turn it on. This is a very helpful technique to troubleshoot the problem; Kindle fire won’t connect to wifi.
  • Restart your device:  For this, click on the power button and restart it and wait at least 40 seconds. If the device doesn’t start automatically, click the power button, and start it again.
  • Your Kindle device must be closer to closer to the router:  While connecting the Kindle to wifi, you need to be close to the router. It also affects the connectivity of the internet if it is not nearby to the device.
  • Reset your network router: Change the DHCP IP address and also set the channel from 1-11 or contact your network service provider.

Still, your Kindle won’t connect to wifi?

It means you need an expert’s help. We are having a team of experts who will diagnose your device problem or error and the actual reason why your Kindle fire won’t connect to wifi?

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