How to Resolve Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On Issue?

A Kindle is an exceptional time for publishing works. Even yet many old book lovers quarrel, there are many inarguable benefits to using a Kindle. This is especially helpful when you’re studying a 500-page novel you desire to move on holiday while yet seeking to pick up light.

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The magnificent thing about the Kindle Fire is that it taps into the servers of a diversity of works, not merely studying. While a Kindle Fire is authentic and foremost about making easy access to books, this edition of the Kindle is a wonderful opportunity for an Android tablet since it further displays a great viewing angle for reading.

This transforms a book into a travel companion with a number of benefits. Whether you are in the love to learn a workbook on the beach or tune in to music while you are in the gym. We’ll look now what to make on the glorious moment when your Kindle Fire won’t turn on. Before that, though, a general glimpse at what it deals with.

Kindle Fire Features–It’s More than an E-Book

Kindle Fire carries the following broad aspects to the list:

  • Web Browsing
  • Book Service
  • Video Service
  • Digital Music Service
  • Application Service

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Here are the Common Problems Why your Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On:

Trouble with startup

Can’t Attach to a PC

Internal Errors

Cannot attach to Wi-Fi

Kindle Fire HD won’t Charge

Issues with Typing

No Audio through Headphones or Speakers

Pre-Installed Browser will not start

Email Isn’t working

Here are the Issues for which Individuals Call Us:

·         Slow or Frozen Kindle E-Reader or Fire Tablet

·         Can’t associate to a Wi-Fi network on your Kindle Fire

·         Kindle Fire doesn’t charge

·         Forgot Lock Screen Password on Kindle Fire (2nd Generation) Devices

·         Accidentally Purchased Content on Fire Tablet

·         Content Syncing Issues 

Call Toll-Free Numbers For Support

US: +1 (828) 490-7310

UK: +44-20-3375-8816

AUS: +61-2-4072-0594

·         Audiobook Issues

·         Startup issues

·         Cannot associate with PC

·         Internal errors of Kindle Fire

·         Typing issues with Kindle Fire

·         No audio by headphones or speakers

·         Pre-installed browser won’t start

·         Email not working

How to Work out a Kindle Fire that Won’t Turn On

 Anything from a new charger or a basic reset to a factory reset could run your tablet up and function again. Troubleshooting the issue could proceed in a slightly simple resolve. Give it a chance to request. If your Kindle Fire is charging slowly, it won’t turn on.

Check the Charger – the wrong charger, or a charger that’s broken, could block your Kindle Fire from charging and turning on. Make certain you are operating the charger that came with your equipment or a cable and adapter compatible with Kindle Fire devices. Charging a Kindle Fire via a computer USB port could increase charging time or might prevent charging altogether.

Plug the adapter into an outlet you know to be working, preferably in another room or on another wall. One way to test this is to plug a different device or appliance into the outlet and make sure it works before you plug your Kindle Fire into the same outlet. Avoid charging a Kindle Fire in an area that is very hot or very cold.

Ensure that the cable is securely connected to both the adapter and the Kindle. Connect the charger to another device and plug it into the outlet to make sure the cable and adapter are working properly. If not, charge the Kindle using a different charger that you know is working properly. If you have a protective case or screen, remove it and test the device without it.

Perform a Soft Reset– A soft reset will resolve many common issues (similar to what people say “Kindle Fire won’t turn on”) without affecting any data on the device.

  1. Press & hold the Power button for an about forty seconds.
  2. The charge indicator will turn on after a minute or two and Kindle Fire will reboot. If it does not, continue troubleshooting.

 Perform a Factory Reset– A hard reset will restore your Kindle Fire to the settings and state it was in when it came from the factory. In effect, you will be starting from scratch and will lose any data, settings, or media downloaded to your tablet.

  1. Press & hold the Volume Down & Power buttons together. Our system recovery screen should appear.
  1. Navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the Volume buttons.
  1. Press the Power button to select the reset.
  1. Navigate to Yes, Delete All User Data using the Volume buttons.
  1. Press the Power button to complete the reset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My Micro SD Card is not Recognized or Working

Many customers of our product call us for issues with their Fire tablets not recognizing their Micro SD card. Content on the Micro SD card may become unavailable permanently, or simply once in a while. 

Potential Solutions:

· Start your Fire tablet by charging it to the fullest with the original cable & charger, then hold down the Power button for 40 seconds to perform a force reset. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and leave your tablet alone for a while – it should automatically download and install any available updates. You can also do this manually on your PC or laptop by visiting Amazon’s Fire & Kindle Software Updates page.

· Turn off your tablet and remove the Micro SD card. Afterward, replace it carefully and try again.

· If you use a case on your tablet, try removing it. There’s a minor change that it’s pressing on the card & causing the issue.

· Visit our websites Manage Your Content and Devices page on your PC or laptop & sign in. Make sure that your device is registered. Also, make sure you are registered on your Kindle Fire by swiping down from the top of the screen & tapping Settings>My Account>Register. It might also try Deregistering– you can register again after restarting your device.

· Search in Settings>Storage>SD Card & toggling some content categories. However, they should be on for the Micro SD card by default.

· If nothing is working for you, turn your tablet off and remove the Micro SD card, slide it into your PC or laptop. Afterward, back up your files and reformat the card. In Windows, you’ll want to right-click on the SD card and choose Format, then pick FAT32 or exFAT.

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Q. My Highlighted Buttons and Voice Descriptions are not working.

If you find that there’s a yellow line around some of your onscreen buttons, or that a voice describes what you’re tapping when you try to navigate around, then you may have inadvertently turned on the Accessibility mode.

This feature was added keeping to disabled people in mind. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn off. If you don’t know how to turn it off, here are the instructions you need to turn it off.


· Visit Settings>Accessibility & turn off Voice Guide.

· If you have explored by touch or Screen Reader turned on, then swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to open the Quick Actions menu. Then, tap Settings and double-tap the screen to open the Settings menu.

Tap Accessibility and double-tap the screen to open the Accessibility menu. Tap off next to Screen Reader, double-tap the screen to confirm, tap Continue, and double-tap the screen once again. This should disable both Screen Reader and Explore by touch.

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