Kindle Paper white Won’t Turn On?

Mostly your kindle Paperwhite is running fluid, but 1% it won’t turn on. Let us advise you of the figures out and explanations for this complication in detail. Every now and thus, you come across this issue, and you are not feeling clear about how to deal with this. This troubleshooting of kindle paperwhite will instruct you in resolving this issue.

The below solutions will get your Kindle paperwhite back to work and up and running. We have tested these on various generations of kindle paperwhite. So, let’s resolve kindle paperwhite won’t turn on the issue:

Doing a Soft Reset

Let’s work a soft reset. This can be accomplished even if the Kindle is not on. Hold the power button for 7 seconds and release it. If you do this and get success, the screen of your Kindle Paperwhite will glow and your kindle will come back to life. To repeat, this will not wipe out any of your content or settings.

Applying a Hard Reset

If the soft reset fails, thus move for a hard reset. Clench the power button for about forty seconds & then release it. A hard-reset effect will appear, and you will observe this by identifying the flash, and thus your kindle will turn on. Again, this won’t erase any of your content or settings. Or take the help of kindle technicians at Kindle Support

Using the trick of Overnight Charging

We have used this tip from when our clients used to have issues with other electronic devices. They used to have charging issues or their devices were no longer used to turn on. Keep your Kindle white plugged in the primary charging slot overnight & until dawn, you can have a wonderful as your Kindle Paperwhite will turn on.

Few Other Reasons Why your Kindle Paper white Won’t Turn On- Solutions

Kindle Paper white Is Not Charging-

The Battery Is Dead

The battery of kindle paperwhite is efficient for carrying out the device useless, and the device won’t turn on. This can be due to the Unused of the device for a long time or the device has been left in a place where there is a lot of high or low temperature is present. This can poison the battery. If all the above solutions have failed, this is possible that the battery is exhausted, and not enough can be looked at other than contacting Amazon Customer Technicians at Kindle Support

Pulling the USB Cable Out and Back in Again

This might be an immediate fix for your charging issues. You should hear a click when connecting the USB cable. If not, try a particular cable to see if you get the desired effect. 

Inspecting the Charging Port

There are chances that a minor object is inserted inside the power port, and this is preventing the device from charging. We would recommend using a torch to inspect this. You may still notice that the port has become bent, which means it’s not going to make the connection properly. Without invalidating your warranty, that’s going to be complex to fix, so it’s worth getting in touch with Amazon customer services at this point.

Restarting the Kindle

This is strange that turn the power button off and on again. The introductory step is to do a soft reset. This involves holding the power button for 7-10 seconds. When the screen starts to blink, it indicates that the Kindle Paperwhite screen is reset completely. Then try charging the device overnight. If this fails, try a hard reset. This involves holding the power button for at least 45 seconds. Screen flashing will happen. Now leave the device charging overnight. One thing to note here is that you will not lose any of your content on the device by performing either of these actions.

Faulty Charging Cable

Make certain you test that you are not practicing any damaged charging cable for your Amazon Kindle paperwhite. You can change your Kindle on any standard USB cable. USB cables can become damaged through overuse or bending them frequently. If you have an Android phone, you can try charging the device with the same cable you used to charge your phone. If not, USB cables can be picked up from many discount stores in your area.

Faulty Charging Plug

It may appropriately be the case that the cable is fine, but the plug is not. You can test this is a couple of ways. The first thing you should do is, charge the Kindle by using a laptop and see if it works. Next, if you have an Android phone, you can use the same plug to charge your Kindle. We would recommend you to leave it overnight for the best charging performance. 

Kindle Paperwhite is Frozen-

There are frozen issues with your Kindle Paperwhite, which raises the “Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn on” issue. Let’s check out some explanations for this error:

Let the Battery Drain Flat

There are few circumstances to do this. Firstly, enable the Wi-Fi and thus turn the brightness settings to full. If you check out 30 minutes a day by browsing between the books & other menus, there would be no time for your battery to lose charge. We would prescribe you to charge it from the main power supply and leave it overnight.

Getting Rid of Corrupt Files

The Kindle could be freezing because some e-books which have been downloaded have become corrupted. Plug your e-reader into your PC and manually delete the e-book files for testing purposes. These can be found in the folder e-books. Once you do this, unplug the Kindle Paperwhite from your PC & enable Wi-Fi in kindle. This will start the syncing process with your e-books on the Amazon cloud.

Perform A Software Update

Make sure the Kindle is in its freshest form or has the latest software. This can be done by navigating to the settings screen and choosing a software update. Willingly, you can download the software update manually following Amazon’s instructions here.

If all else does not work for you, call the Kindle technicians at their toll-free number, Kindle Support


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