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kindle Support Phone Number The guide will help you when you need the amazon kindle customer service phone number. Amazon Kindle has been a hit among people but still, you can find issues and you need to get some technical support regarding that.

kindle Support Phone Number If your content is not getting download or update, then you can follow these steps. It’s a guide for the 4th generation and new fire tablets.

Content not Downloaded or Synced

kindle Support Phone Number | Before you begin:

Make sure that your device is joined to a wireless network.

• Connected devices have a Wi-Fi or 4G LTE icon with signal bars near the battery indicator.
Sync your device.

• kindle Support Phone Number Swipe down from the top of the screen to open a quick action menu & then tap the Settings icon. Tap Sync Device, (If you do not see Sync Device in the Settings menu, tap Device Options first, and then click Sync Device.)

kindle Support Phone Number | Big files may take time to download

Make sure you verify your device is registered with the correct Amazon account.

• Among the quick action’s menu, click on the settings icon and then click on my account. if the listed account is wrong then deregister it and then register your device to the right account. If you have multiple profiles, make sure you are using the right profile.

Verify that your payment method is valid

kindle Support Phone Number Make sure that your order is complete in Your Digital Orders. Content can’t download or sync if the purchase fails. Update your payment method if needed:

• Within manage your content and devices page, go to settings.

• Under Digital Payment Settings, select the Edit Payment Method to view or update your 1-Click payment settings.

Be sure that your devices time and date are right.

• From the quick action’s menu, tap Settings. Click device options, & tap the date and time. If Automatic Time Zone is turned on, tap the switch to turn it off. Click Select Time Zone & choose your time zone from the list.

Still having trouble?

• Confirm that your device supports the content.

• You can find the supporting devices on apps page on amazon website. Fire tablets don’t support all third-party apps.

• If you face trouble in switching between kindle book and its audible narration, make sure you verify that whisper is synced for voice in the title.

• Use Manage Your Content & Devices in order to deliver content to your device.

• From Manage Your Content & Devices page, select content you want to deliver.

• Select Deliver, and then select your device from the list.

• Select Deliver to confirm.

• Restart your device.

• Now press and hold the power button for about 40 seconds or you should press it until device restarts automatically. If it does so, releases the power button. If it does not press the power button to turn it on.

Where to get Best Amazon Kindle Customer Care Service?

We would recommend you to visit Kindle Support and enjoy the best technical support services in the united states. Do not forget to visit them as they are the leading giant in the tech industry.

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