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Netflix Not Working on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Netflix Not Working on Amazon Fire TV Stick fix 2019. Fire Stick and Netflix combinations are great but when Netflix is not working on amazon fire tv stick then it may turn your mood off and ruin your subscription too. Firestick and Netflix has a terrific cut the cord cableless tv setup.

All you need is an inexpensive Netflix plan and a good Internet connection, and you immediately have access to premium movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy specials, and much more.

Netflix Not Working on Amazon Fire TV Stick Fire tv stick makes the content streaming simple and easy. You can easily install the Netflix app and stay away from troublesome.

However, sometimes there is trouble in paradise! The common error a Netflix subscriber sees on screen is “sorry we could not reach Netflix service”. This is an error code 0013. There’s nothing to fear, though.

There are simple and easy fixes to resolve this issue. Know why Netflix is not working on your amazon fire tv stick in this post:

Netflix Not Working on Amazon Fire TV Stick | Check Internet Connection

The initial thing to check is the Wi-Fi network your amazon fire tv stick is connecting to. The easy way to check the connection is to connect from another device. You can use a computer, smartphone or other.


The power cycle simply means turning on and turning off. A simple power cycle is a quick way to fix a computer problem and your fire stick is also a little computer. Unplug your fire stick from the wall outlet and wait for thirty seconds and plug it back. The process will reacquire the network connection & resolve any connection issues.


If you get error 0013 after trying to select a specific program, it may be that that individual show or movie is corrupted or glitched in the system somehow. Netflix Not Working on Amazon Fire Stick Try to watch a different show on Netflix. If it lets you, then report the problem with the show you couldn’t watch to Netflix from your Viewing Activity page.


Still not working? OK, the next step is to clear your application data and your application cache data within the Fire TV Stick. Your TV Stick is a capable little micro-computer.

But it has limitations and the amount of data that it is storing for Netflix might have glitched something. By erasing both the data and the cache, you may be able to get things moving again. Here’s how to do that.


If Netflix is not working on amazon fire tv stick then one thing you can do is updating of Netflix app. It’s possible that your Netflix app is out of date and that incompatibility is making your older version of the app unable to talk to the Netflix servers. Luckily, updating the app is very simple. Here’s how:


Not only the Netflix app but also the fire tv stick firmware. Do the following to check for updates:


If the above fixes failed to resolve the issue, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Netflix on your Firestick. This method might be more time-consuming compared to others but it’s been known to work.
I hope the above troubleshooting steps have helped you in a reworking of your

Netflix on amazon fire tv stick. Now you can enjoy Netflix on the fire stick again. Thanks! However, if you face issues related to anything or you want to know how to buy the right product you can call at AlphaTech24/7 toll-free number 1-844-626-0616. Visit our website today! I hope the above post helped you out when your Netflix is not working on amazon fire tv stick.