Outlook Email Support

Getting the Outlook email support is easy with Outlook technicians. With Outlook technicians help, you will get easy support to what you are looking for. Outlook has features like files and attachment previews that will let you see your pictures and files without leaving your inbox. With the cooperation of Outlook emails, you can add emoji and GIFs in your messages. Here is what you can avail with the help of outlook technicians.

Outlook Email Support You Can Get:

To change your Mail settings so your inbox looks and behaves the way you want it to, see Personalize your new Mail experience in Outlook.com. 

How to Turn off Focused Inbox

  • Select settings icon to open the Settings pane.
  • Simply shift the toggle next to the focused inbox for keeping it off. 

How to Show or Hide the Reading Pane

  • Chose the settings icon for opening the settings pane.
  • Simply choose the option “show on the right” & thus chose “show on the bottom” or hide.

How to Turn Off Conversation View 

  • Chose the settings icon for opening the settings pane.
  • Choose whether you want the new messages for appearing at the bottom or top of the thread in the conversation view section. If you don’t wish that your messages need to be organized by conversation, choose off.

How to Change Your Password

  • Select your account picture or name at the top of the page.
  • Chose view account>change password.

How to Attach an Email Message with Another Message

  • Chose the message you want to attach to the message list.
  • Move the message in the message compose pane. 
  • Place the mouse below the subject line & then release that. Your message will be attached.

How to Search for the Attachment in a Message in Conversation View

Go to the website of outlook.com and thus visit the default mode for viewing the messages in the “conversation view”. In this view, the email thread would include many items. If any item has an attachment associated with it, a paper clip icon appears next to that item in the message list. For finding the item with an attachment, simply scan the list of items in thread. Look for the item with the paper clip next to it.

How to Create a Calendar Event

You may not get the option for creating a meeting in the new outlook.com but still, you have the option to create a calendar event that may be used for inviting people.

  • Chose the calendar icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Chose a new event at the top of the page or you can also get in touch with outlook technicians 
  • In the text box, enter a brief description of the event, having a title, date and time.
  • Chose to save if that’s an appointment you have created for yourself or send it if this is a meeting with attendees.

How to Unlock Your Outlook Email Account

You have seen messages on your outlook mail regards to “Your outlook.com account may have temporarily blocked because we have noticed some unusual sign-in activity”. It’s frustrating to have an outlook email account blocked and if you want to protect your account from abuse or fraud, this is what you can do:

Steps to Unblock Your Account

  • Firstly, you need to do is visit the outlook email support link account.live.com/resetpassword.aspx for recovering your account & resetting your password.
  • Now enter the email address of your blocked account & enter the characters you see on your screen and chose “next”.
  • Enter the code generated by your authenticator app or select Use a different verification option to get a text message.
  • After entering the security code, you need to change the password for doing the unblock process.

Always make sure that you have a unique, strong password for keeping your account safe and secure. To do that, you can use numbers, symbols, capital letters inside your password and also try not to use the same password for different other accounts. If anything does not work for you, simply dial the outlook technicians and get the best price segment for which you can get the best support on the internet. Get the best support for your outlook email today!