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Quick Solutions that can help in Resolving 4k Firestick Audio Lag Issue

Firestick is an amazing device that allows you to stream the most amazing content available on different channels. Without any doubt, Amazon Firestick is a top streaming device that is used for streaming the most amazing content available on the channels. It has some of the best streaming services available for you so you never get bored when you have got a Firestick. The Amazon Firestick is surely the best venture that makes streaming most interesting for all of the users. 

Firestick is surely a great device for those who want to cut the cord and at the same time enjoy watching their favorite TV shows online. There is a list of channels that are available on the Firestick which include YouTube, History Channel, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, CBS All Access and much more. 

However, it is quite common to experience issues while using the Firestick. One such problem is the 4k Firestick audio lag issue. This is a common problem among the Firestick users but it can be resolved if you follow a complete guide to fix the problem.

In this blog, we have discussed in detail the solutions to resolve this problem.s However, if you are new and have limited technical knowledge then get in touch with the Firestick experts for help and a complete solution.

Solutions for Resolving 4k Firestick Audio Lag Issues

 Here are the solutions that you can try to resolve the 4K audio lag issue in your Firestik device. However, make sure to follow the solutions step by step to completely resolve the problem.

Most of the time if you are experiencing a lag in 4k videos while using the Firestick then it is a common to experience the following problems.

  • Jittering
  • Stumbling
  • Audio is out of sync

The 4K Amazon Firestick offers you a complete entertainment package. As a result, you can stream unlimited content available on your favorite channels like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more. So, the device lets you watch anything at any time. Besides you can also install different games on the device and play games at any time.

However, it can be quite a problem to experience a 4k audio lag issue while using the Firestick but this problem can be easily resolved if you follow the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below.

Steps to Resolve 4K Audio Lag Issues in Firestick

 There are several reasons why you may come across this problem. However, here are the solutions that you can follow to resolve the problem.

  • First of all, open the main menu of the Firestick and navigate to the menu option.
  • Now, navigate down to open the settings option.
  • Now, you will find out a new window where you can select the Display and Sound.
  • Then you select the audio option.
  • Then choose the surround option.
  • Then you will see an option the says ‘Best available option’.
  • You need to uncheck this option and then select the stereo option.
  • Then select the advanced audio option.
  • Now you need to select volume leveler a dialogue enhancer is turned off.
  • Then go back to the settings and then select the application options.
  • Then from the list above managed installed application.
  • Then you need to clear the cache.
  • Now you can restart the option to resolve the problem.

These solutions you can follow to resolve 4k audio lag issues in Firestick. However, if the problem persists then you need to get in touch with the technical team to resolve the problem. The experts will guide in resolving the problem immediately. Firestick allows you to stream the content available on the channels so make sure to resolve the problem immediately.