How to resolve 5b00 Error on Canon printer?

5b00 Error on Canon printer

Are you getting a 5b00 error on Canon printer? So, it is nothing to worry about as you can easily solve this error. Canon printers are one of the best printers available in the market however, oftentimes while using Canon printer you may see error messages. This is very common and can be resolved in a few steps. To fix the 5b00 error on Canon printer, you can read this blog or get in touch with Canon printer technicians for details.

What is a 5b00 error on Canon printer?

 You need to install a continuous ink system on your Canon printer. It is important for proper functioning and efficiency. But continuous ink system can make the printer limit exceed and sometimes the CISS can cause the ink to spill and that might fill the ink pads, this can cause 5b00 error in your Canon printer.

Ways to Solve Canon printer 5b00 Error

 Sometimes by resetting the waste ink absorber in the printer can help you in resolving the 5b00 error. You can follow these steps for the 5b00 error restoring program for Canon printers.

  • Turn off your Canon printer.
  • Press and hold the “resume” button. The button looks like an inverted triangle.
  • At the same time, hold the “power” button. After doing so, the green LED light on the Canon printer must turn off.
  • Release the “resume” button. To do this, hold down the “power” button. Then, release the “resume” button and the hold and press it twice. The light should turn from amber to green.
  • Now, you will have to release the “power” button.
  • Press the “resume” button four times and then press the “power” button. Now, confirm the option.
  • Turn off the printer and then switch it on after that. This shall fix the 5b00 error, however if it does not then try connecting with Canon printer technicians for help.

If the above-mentioned steps are unable to resolve the Canon printer b500 error then you can follow this procedure.

  • First, you need to turn on your Canon printer. 
  • Now, go to the menu option on the printer.
  • Put the Canon printer on service mode. 
  • Go to the counter access option by pressing the + option. Then select the ok option.
  • You will now see a page counter in the screen of your Canon printer. This number will show you the total number of pages you have printed. After that, press “ok”.
  • Use the + button to go to the “scan page” count. Now, set it to zero again.
  • Start browsing the menu and select ABS-M don’t count option. Set it to zero and then click on ok.
  • Now, select the stop/reset button.
  • Switch off the printer and turn it on again. If you get the “invalid key” option, then turn off the printer and switch it on again.

These steps can help to resolve the 5b00 canon printer error message, however, if you are unable to resolve the error, try connecting to a Canon printer technician Canon Supportfor help.


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