Roku is Not Working

Roku is Not Working

Your Roku is not working because of the following reasons:

No Wi-Fi Connection Roku is Not Working If your Roku 3 player is not connecting to Wi-Fi, it is possible that the Wi-Fi signal from the router is out of range. To strengthen the signal, move the router and Roku 3 so that there are fewer objects and walls between them. You should also avoid putting the router in the basement, near a window, or near other electronics that may emit interference. Avoid placing the Roku 3 or router in areas that have the interference of objects. Roku is Not Working You could also re-orient the router’s antennas towards the device. If you need a reliable connection, connect Roku 3 to the router by using the ethernet cable.

Low Video Quality

One reason your Roku is not working because it is connected to high-speed internet but streaming poor video quality.

Remote Control Not Responding

If your remote is not working, it is possible that the batteries of your remote are drained or are not functioning well. If you replace the two AA batteries, LED light on the front should flash this will indicate that the remote is working properly. Once the remote is fine, the remote paired notification will show on the screen Roku is Not Working Welcome to the Roku Support, your technical guide. Roku is online streaming service which helps you stream multiple online entertainment to your tv. Roku is Not Working You can stream the services like sling tv, Hulu tv, amazon video, spectrum tv, Netflix and many more. If your Roku is not working then you should read out this whole article to know why your Roku is not connecting to your wireless network. Let’s fix the issue in words. Roku Not Working In this post you will get to know that why you are not able to make connection from your wireless router and what you need to do to fix it.

Roku Device not Connecting to the Router-Roku not Working

The reason for your Roku device not connecting to the router is that you may have used the wrong password or you have chosen the wrong network. Roku is Not Working Your Roku device is out of range of your wireless coverage or low network strength is there. Or the reason could be there is some outdated wireless router. Restart the wireless router and your Roku device with tv. Your router password can be tough to remember or it can be case sensitive as well. Be sure you type the correct password. You can do login to your wireless router & go to wireless option for the password checkup. Verify that the same password is there when you use the it to connect with Roku. Your Roku device should be in the range of wireless network. Select correct wireless network when you set up your Roku.

Roku is Not Working Contact the Roku Support

Our team and verify that your current router is supported by Roku or not. If your router is not more than five-year-old then it should be good to play the Roku device. If you have the cable connection to your Roku to router then make sure it connected to right LAN port of your wireless router. When things are not working then its good to reset your Roku device Resetting the Roku to Default Factory Settings Reset your Roku device by using the two methods Use the Roku console settings or use the reset key on your Roku device to reset the Roku. Try with Roku console first Connect your Roku to tv

Go to Roku homepage by using home key from your Roku remote

Now drag it down & go to settings & press the ok on your remote and go to system & press ok again. If you use the latest Roku version, go to advanced system settings Select factory settings and press ok You will see a code with box like keypad. Use your up down arrow keys on Roku remote to select numbers and press ok Choose the four-digit code in keypad which is on the same screen. Press ok now Your Roku will reset and wait for one minute

Restart your Roku and tv

Your new Roku is reset now and it’s like a brand-new device Taking help From Experts if Roku is Not Working Roku Support will help you get details about your error-oriented device and you will be resolving the issues of your device within less time period. Visit their website to know more

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