Are you facing Roku not connecting to WiFi? Then do not worry because this problem is very common and can be fixed by following a few troubleshooting solutions. 

Roku is an amazing streaming service that you can use to stream multiple contents online like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and much more. The Roku device can be connected to the internet using an Ethernet cable or wireless network. However, the problem can be quite frustrating as it will completely hamper the use of Roku. There can be several reasons why Roku not connecting to wifi. However, we will try our best to troubleshoot this problem. 

You can follow these steps if the Roku not connecting to WiFi. Make sure to check the internet connection speed is proper before you start with these steps.

Login with the Router

You must know that every router has got an IP address. You need to copy and paste the IP address on the web browser. You will be prompted to the login page of the router. By default, the password should be ‘password’. However, if the password has changed then you need to get in touch with the experts for help. 

Reset the Roku

Resetting the Roku to default settings will allow you to set Roku in a similar way as you purchased it. If Roku not connecting to WiFi is the problem then you can fix it by resetting the Roku to default. Most of the times this step can help in fixing connection related problems. 

  • Turn on the Roku device and then press the ‘home’ button.
  • Now, go to the settings and then choose the system. And, then go to the advanced settings and select it. 
  • Here you will see a list of options where you need to select factory reset.
  • Contact the technical expert team if you do not see a four-digit code.
  • Now, wait until the reset process to complete. If the reset is not able to complete then make sure to get in touch with the experts for technical help and support.
These steps will help if your Roku not connecting to wifi.

Try Changing the Location of the Roku

Sometimes the Roku not connecting to wifi there is any problem in the wi-fi connection but because it is not placed in the right place. 

First, of all try changing the channel maybe there is a problem with the channel. The next thing that you must do is change the location of the Roku. Try moving the Roku device to a place that you think is capable of receiving strong wi-fi signals. Also, check for any cordless phones or wireless devices that may interfere with the Roku connectivity with the wi-fi. 

Hard Reset the Roku Device

Hard reset is another way of resolving Roku not connecting to Wifi issue. If you want to resolve this problem then you can follow these steps.

  • Turn on the Roku device.
  • You need to look for the reset button on the Roku device and then press it. If you are unable to find the reset button then you can get help from the Roku technicians. 

At last, you need to restart the device.

Is Roku Causing the Problem?

If these steps mentioned above are not able to fix the wireless connectivity problem, then there are high chances that the Roku device is not the reason for ‘Roku not connecting to wifi’. Especially, if the Roku stopped working all of a sudden then Roku may not because of the problem. In this scenario, you can try other troubleshooting solutions that can fix the internet connection related issue. 

These are some of the basic steps that can help you when Roku is unable to connect to the wireless network. Though these steps are usually helpful in resolving the problem of Roku not connecting to wifi. But, many times the reason for the issue can be entirely different. So, you need a more technical approach to fix the issue. 

That is why getting help from the technical support team for the Roku Wi-fi connectivity issue is the best way. The team of experts who can guide you to navigate the issue step by step so that you can enjoy streaming content using the Roku device. Get in touch with the Roku tech experts for more information and guidance.