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Why Does My Firestick Keep Freezing

You may have obtained a modern firestick and after retaining it for a couple of weeks, you discover that your firestick is frozen. Being a firestick companion, it’s an extremely depressing question to ask why does my firestick keeps freezing? Well, we are the firestick technicians, helping you out in resolving this issue. 

It is particularly disheartening when you know your fire stick is frozen, watching it showing the playback issues and it’s indeed poorer when you watch something on Kodi or Netflix or play a game and your device is stuck in the middle of the road.

It’s natural to have errors in the device and the same takes place with the business renown firestick device. This may freeze time to time. This article serves you the most valuable yet effective troubleshooting steps this can help you resolve the issues and make your fire tv stick up and running since quick and fast as possible.

Fixing Fire Stick Freezing Issue- Why Does My Firestick Keep Freezing?

Reset Firestick to Factory Default Settings Using the Fire TV OS Menu:

To reset your Fire Stick to Factory Default Settings, do this:

  • Go to the Settings area of your Fire Stick or Fire TV
  • Search “Reset to Factory Defaults” or “Restore to Factory Default Settings”.
  • Select the “Reset”/ “Restore” button
  • Wait for the Fire Stick to reset to factory defaults
  • You will then need to “re-login” to your Amazon account or “re-register” the device to your Amazon account.
  • If you had Kodi installed, you will also need to re-install Kodi on Fire Stick.

Reset Fire Stick to Default Settings with the Help of Remote

  • For example, you can reset your Fire Stick by holding the “Play” and “Select” buttons together for a few seconds (generally 2 to 5 seconds should be enough).

If you perform this very, very simple procedure correctly, you will be able to see a message on the Fire TV display, which will shut down and reboot shortly thereafter, allowing you to restart the device seamlessly, without the hassle of having to unplug & reconnect your Fire Stick.

Power-Cycle Your Fire Stick

  • In many cases, disconnect & reconnect your firestick. It’s a flexible and effective way to get your device to work again. This is a very popular amazon procedure to remove the error. There are other ways you can restart your Fire Stick device and have more control over the process.

Troubleshoot the Remote

The first step is to find out if there could be something wrong with the remote control. The first culprit is usually the batteries. Fire TV remote works best when the batteries are new and charged to the hilt.

Check the Power Supply You Are Using

If you are not using the power supply that came with your Fire TV device, there lies your problem. Plug the power adapter into the power port which you will locate on the back of your device and the other end into the power outlet and see if that works.

Disconnect Device from the Hub

Should you be using an HDMI hub, detach it the Fire TV device from it and plug it directly into the TV.

What to do if the Screen is Blank?

If your screen is completely unresponsive, try the following:

  • Ensure that the TV is on. Next, set the HMDI and Fire TV device to the same channel.
  • Unplug the HDMI cable if that is what you are using, then plug it back in. Try another cable if the old HDMI cable fails. 
  • Disconnect any other devices that may be connected to the HMDI ports.
  • Check if your television is attached to the correct AV if you are using that and ascertain that it is on. Do the same if your device is using a power supply. Then, see if the receiver might be off. Switch it on if it is off. Ensure it is switched to the appropriate input.

If that does not work, then try a direct connection to your Fire TV device. If all fails, you should consider getting

How do I Unfreeze Amazon Fire Stick?

This is the perfect solution to the problem of why does my firestick keeps freezing. Amazon Fire TV Stick – more commonly known as Fire Stick – is one of the best media streaming devices in the market. That is not to say that the device doesn’t have some issues of its own. Now and then, you may face one or another problem with the device. Here, we are going to talk about one of the most common ones, freezing. Here is what you can do if your amazon fire stick freezes.

Restart Device

You need to restart your device to fix the fire stick freeze issue. Simply unplug everything and wait at least 30 seconds to make sure the device is completely turned off. Plug everything back and start your device. Sure, it’s a cliched solution but it works nonetheless. Restarting is one of the most common and effective troubleshooting methods, regardless of the device.

Clear Cache & data

If your applications are having a hard time launching or are taking too long to load, you can try clearing the application cache and data. Mostly, this resolves the loading issues with the application on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

For clearing the Cache & Data

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Apps
  • Click on Manage All Applications
  • Locate the troublesome application
  • Click Clear Cache & Data
  • Reboot the application

Switch USB Port

There is a possibility that the USB port you are using the Fire Stick on is faulty. Try switching to a different USB port on your television. Remember the USB port you were using and switch to the adjacent port on your TV. Check to see if that resolved your issue.

Attach to TV

In case, you are using an AV receiver or soundbar with the Amazon Fire Stick, confirm that the receiver is turned on and is connected correctly to the right input. If that doesn’t help, try connecting your Fire Stick to the television directly. Call the fire stick customer service team for instant help.

Logo Screen Appearing

If your Amazon Fire Stick is taking frozen on the logo screen, don’t rush the device by clicking blatantly on the remote. Simply wait for the firestick to load, it may take up to ten minutes for the device to complete the process. 

In case the fire stick does not launch even after 10 minutes, you can switch the ports & start again. If you are using Fire TV, try switching to a high-speed HDMI cable.

After following these above issues, you won’t say why does my firestick keeps on freezing?