Why My Fire Stick Not Working

why my fire stick not working

Why my fire stick not working after few months of usage. More than five years ago, fire TV stick, a streaming device was launched and I bought it. With this device’s help, you can watch pictures, TV shows and more. It appeared with the Alexa voice control robot. In the present days, the device costs about $40 and extremely natural to set up. But what if your fire stick is prone to errors, and it’s not working?

Things can waste a high time of yours. I will tell you what I did to remove the fire stick errors. System reset or reboot can help fix “fire stick not working” issue. To perform this, you must follow the following steps:

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  • Push your remote and hold it for a few moments. Go to settings and select and thus network.
  • There must be a wireless connection made in the fire TV stick.
  • Signal strength should be positive.
  • You can find out the connection status of wireless. It will say attached to Wi-Fi.
  • Channel 11 quality tells you what rate your router is set. It must be helpful.
  • The next thing you should do is reset or reboot the amazon fire stick device.
  • To perform this, reach to the home page.
  • Press circle button (select button) along with the play or pause button. Press for about three to five seconds. After that, you will notice “Your Fire TV is powering off” Option
  • Another way you can reboot your device is by unplugging it from the power source and thus plugging it back.
  • You can likewise do the reboot of your router and expect for a few seconds and suddenly try running it.

This is the simple step to follow, but you can again follow the below-written ways to fix fire stick issues.

Why My Fire Stick Is Not Working? What Other Things I tried to Fix this Issue

  •       Physical Connection Issue 

If your TV won’t recognize your Amazon Firestick, the issue could be with the process your Firestick is inserted into your TV’s HDMI port. Check and make clear your Firestick is fully inserted into your TV HDMI port, as an easy connection can prevent your Firestick from being recognized.

Another issue could be a small battery on your Firestick remote or not sufficient power getting to the Firestick. Make clear your Firestick remote batteries are fully charged, and the Firestick is plugged into the official (incorporated) USB power block/charger before attempting to use it.

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If you still have problems getting your Firestick to be identified and you’ve found out all new problems, the issue could be with your Firestick’s motherboard. Sometimes, the Firestick can be permanently impaired if it overheats too many times.

If you have the faulty motherboard, you have to buy a new Firestick ($39 from Amazon, sometimes on sale for $29!).

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  •       Audio Issues of Firestick

If the audio on your Firestick isn’t working, you can first start by checking to see if your TV isn’t accidentally on mute by reviewing your volume settings. Try that early, and if that doesn’t fix things, then try these Firestick audio fix tips:

  • If you think that your external speakers are not appropriate with your fire stick, you can switch your audio settings in default mode and see if the issue is resolved or not. 
  • If that resolution does not work, then your Firestick could be set to the wrong audio settings. For adjusting your audio settings, you can go to the settings option in your fire TV menu & select Dolby digital output option.
  • Switch off the Dolby digital plus option.
  •       Image Issues of Firestick

If your Firestick isn’t producing an image on your TV screen, the issue could be with your HDMI cable. Check to see if your HDMI cable is correctly attached and that it has no faults in it. Also, try unplugging the cable for a few seconds and then re plugging it to see if an image appears. If your HDMI cable has a shortage, for example, it can cause errors with your Firestick’s ability to produce an image on your screen. In the event of a shortage, you will want to replace your cable.

If your HDMI cable doesn’t have a shortage, but the problem isn’t resolved, you can try plugging the cable into another HDMI port on your TV. If the problem is not with the cable but of the image, then simply push the up and rewind button on fire tv remote together and hold them for about 5 seconds. This will let your device toggle through a list of image resolutions from 480p to 1080p. When you reach the right resolution, select the “Use current resolution”. Also, visit fire stick experts by giving a call.

If all of the aforementioned solutions do not work, then the HDMI port on your Fire TV stick could be faulty. In this situation, replace the fire stick.

  •       Turning on the Issue of Firestick

You may be thinking why my fire stick is not working and not able to turn on? This could be due to a couple of reasons. One reason is the white indicator light is off. When this happens, check to see if your power cord is plugged in correctly and inserted firmly into the back of the device. Loose connection can make your fire stick to not turn on.

If you try this solution and your Firestick still won’t turn on, the issue could be a damaged power cord. If your power cord has a shortage or other damages, you can easily resolve this issue by replacing the power cord.

  • By using the above points my fire stick not working issue was removed. I hope these will work in your favor too.
fire tv support
fire tv support